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Original articles from Cyrus Afzali.
Gain Control Over Your Career Search
When it comes to career management, we all know that we should put our best foot forward. Unfortunately, too many tend to focus more on how to interact in an interview than on the other steps in the process. Put some thought into the messages you create while you’re seeking a career.

The Changing Nature of Relationship Building
All too often, people assume putting up a profile constitutes effective networking. Whenever I hear that sort of description in regard to social networking, I usually reply, “When’s the last time you sought out an advertisement?”

PR's Reliance on Automation
The question that PR pros should be asking themselves is whether or not embracing a trend that's not mutually beneficial for both the client and the agency is in anyone's long-term best interests.

Why You Should Pass on a ‘Spec’ Opportunity
Lest you think I'm just preaching from the pulpit and not speaking of experience, like many PR pros, I went there earlier in my career.

How President Obama Flubbed the Mosque Debate
President Obama's gaffe -- or at least that's what I perceive it as -- illustrates an age-old conflict in PR about responding in a crisis.

Why HP’s Crisis Response Missed the Mark
While the company certainly hoped Hurd's departure would make the issue disappear and allow the firm to return to normal, in some ways, it's been anything but that.

BP Spill Likely to Serve as Template for Bad Crisis PR
We all know that this disaster will rank as the worst environmental catastrophe in our country's history. At this point, I'd say the public relations response will also rank as one of the worst as well.

Don't Be Fooled: PR Is Not All About Relationships
Ever since the PR industry stood by while this reputation of PR pros as being little more than people who “smile and dial” took hold, there's been a notion that if you aren't friends with someone, they won't take your call and won't run your story.

No Matter How PR Evolves, Message Remains King
Rather than continually debating what the future of PR will be like and how the status quo can be maintained, I urge everyone getting into the business, and even those practicing now, to think more about what you're saying than ever before.

Defending Your PR Expertise in the Digital Age
One of the things that few PR pros ever mention is that the biggest component to whether a product or service makes it in the market is whether or not it's actually unique and/or serves a need that enough people have. While there's a conspiracy theory among many entrepreneurs that anytime a PR program doesn't secure a ton of ink, it's the firm or consultant's fault, in reality it's most often because the product or service just isn't that appealing. This is further illustrated by the fact that few products actually succeed on the market.

A Smaller List of Targets Can Equal a Greater Audience
Ironically, one of the toughest things about being a public relations counselor is getting clients to actually take our counsel. Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than the process of determining media targets. Long, long ago it seems, PR pros let themselves get pigeonholed into a “yes" mentality when it comes to any request from a client.


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