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Original articles from Mark Macias.
UnGoogle Yourself
“The Internet is written in ink.” Or is it? It seems everyone believed that phrase after the ex-girlfriend of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said it in the movie The Social Network.

How to Reach the Hispanic Market
This is not a political story with a red or blue slant. This is a story about how to market to Hispanics — the largest and fastest growing minority group in the U.S. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s start with a political example that transcends parties.

Preparing for the TV Interview
If you know the topic intimately and speak from the heart, you won’t mess up. Even if the question is rephrased, you will know how to answer it because you will be speaking from experience, and that is why you are being interviewed on TV. You are the expert, so communicate what you know – not what you memorized.

Who You Know vs. What You Know
There is a general belief among publicists that a solid media Rolodex will get you news placements. Even business owners are buying into this theory. Potential clients frequently ask me in sales meetings which reporters I know in “tech” or “political” or “fashion” — you name it.

The Power of Facebook for Marketers
Facebook has astounding numbers no matter which page you’re viewing. The company’s prospectus claims that 845 million people log on every month, and that’s counting only once those users who check-in, post pictures, and updates several times a day.

The Force of Super Bowl Ads
Did you know the most popular Super Bowl commercial from 2011 spent a little over a penny to reach each consumer? That’s right; the Volkswagen Mini Vader ad was watched by 160 million people and, assuming the car maker spent the average $2.5 million for the 30-second spot, their cost per view comes down to .015 cents.

A New Method for Getting Facebook Fans
It’s the untold, dirty secret in the social media marketing business. You can buy real Facebook fans to give any business a psychological and sales advantage.

Best of TZM 2011: Avoiding the Twitter Hangover

Discovering Your Gimmick

A Real Social Media Strategy
Everyone wants a piece of social media, but no one quite knows where to find her. As a result, everyone goes to the same predictable places — Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — in search for publicity.

Avoiding the Twitter Hangover
Imagine the shock of waking up in the morning and discovering your 3200 Twitter followers have dwindled down to one. That’s exactly what happened last month to a local TV personality in Phoenix.

Channeling Steve Jobs
I think I know what Steve Jobs would say about all of this news coverage. “Write something different. Obituaries are for dead people.” When I write, I want to learn. I want readers to walk away with something they didn’t know, but how does a writer accomplish that when every news outlet on the planet is covering this story like the Messiah has died?

Connecting with Clients in the Digital Era: Viral Videos
I don’t like spamming my friends with commercials or propaganda, but earlier this month I did something I rarely do. I posted a commercial for State Farm Insurance on my Facebook page.

How to Reach the Growing Hispanic Market
Suddenly, Hispanics are the new flavor of the month. The mainstream media, politicians, and advertisers are all trying to figure out how they can reach and profit from this growing, young market and it’s no longer an underground campaign.

Inside an NYC Newsroom on 9/11
I was in the middle of writing an email when the executive producer of investigations walked past my office. "Did you see? A plane hit the World Trade Center," he said. I turned towards the TV in my office and, like everyone else, saw a distant shot of what appeared to be a small plane jammed into the building.

It's Time to Reinvent Your Business
When you start losing your base, you’re in trouble, and this doesn’t just apply to politics. It applies to every business — restaurants, retailers, lounges — you name it. If you notice a new hot spot is syphoning away customers, then you need to change something — your ambiance, music, specials, menu — and reinforce how your business has undergone a transformation.

Every Business Needs Publicity: How to Get Some
Every business needs publicity to attract new customers. If you don’t grasp this concept as a fledging entrepreneur, your doors won’t stay open for long. Of course, how to get that publicity is the recipe every business owner aspires to discover.

How to Kill a Viral Video
Clients are always asking me to produce a video that will go viral. They throw out the word “viral” like it’s an ingredient you add to food. “Just add in a little salt.” Their request for a viral video is typically followed with guidelines that handcuff all of my creativity.

Lessons Learned from the Rupert Murdoch Scandal
News Corp. is on the verge of doing something not even its competitors could accomplish. It’s close to defeating itself. Just like the fall of the Roman Empire came from within, Rupert Murdoch’s global media empire is now teetering on collapse based on a public relations scandal that keeps getting worse by the day.

Crisis Communications: The Truth Be Told
What happens when a reporter asks a question you don’t want to answer? Do you: A) Ignore the question. B) Tell a favorable story, even if it means you are lying. C) Tell the truth, even if it means your business or image could be harmed. The answer should be simple.

Crisis Communications Done Wrong
As a crisis communications consultant, here’s one thing I can say with certitude about the Anthony Weiner situation: Weiner’s handling of this scandal has been a botched case from day one and his media advisors should be fired.

Why Videos are Changing the Face of Public Relations
Think Kennedy, Clinton, and Obama: politicians made for the TV era. But we are in a new era—the Internet era—and every local politician now has a chance to use the same powerful medium to persuade even the smallest of constituencies. TV advertising is no longer for the well-funded campaigns.

In the Flesh: Effective Networking
Public relations is a skill that not only applies to the media; they also apply to networking events. If your networking skills are off, you might be doing just as much damage at these mixers as a hit-job in the National Enquirer. Here’s a quick rundown on how to apply public relations skills to any networking event.

UnGoogle Yourself
Negative articles, false information, and scandalous pictures and videos can be removed if you take the right strategic approach. Freedom of speech is protected under the Constitution, but that doesn’t mean someone has a right to spread malicious information that can destroy your character or business.

Beat the Press - How to Slow or Stop Negative News
Think back to high school. Whenever you heard a bad rumor you almost always assumed it was true unless someone came out and denied it. The laws of human behavior haven't changed much since then. If the source is credible, most people are going to believe the story...


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