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Original articles from Natalie Czajkowski.
Finding My Quarter-Life Crisis
Last weekend, I put in somewhere around 12 hours on my freelance articles, eight of those on Sunday alone. I woke up, went out to brunch, came home, and for eight monstrous hours I did serious work on a project that is, for all intents and purposes, optional and unpaid. I didn't look at my Gmail every minute, or my Facebook, or my Twitter, or CNN, or even my Google Reader.

Lost at Sea? You Can Still Land The Interview.
I'm finding that job seekers copy and pasting cover letters, not researching the companies they are truly interested in and, thus, not putting their best foot forward. Why? If this is you, let me share the wealth: Here are two main things I've found have really been working to score an interview.

Finding My Quarter Life Crisis
I easily, about 100 times a day during the work week, think, “I seriously need to stop frequenting my social networking sites and do the job I'm being paid to do.” Back to the regular routine: GMail, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Google Reader, GMail, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Google Reader. Rinse and repeat.


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