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Original articles from Justin Celko.
Nerds: The Hottest Demographic in Marketing
I cannot live this lie any longer. It’s time for me to admit to the world who I am. This is my confession, and as I write it, I cannot help but wonder what my friends and colleagues will think of me after reading this. Most of all, I fear for how my girlfriend will react as I have worked so hard to hide this awful truth from her.

Super Bowl XLV: The Ads That Won the Night
Many premium spots today often completely fail to bolster branding, invoke a correlating emotion, associate an appropriate lifestyle, or even feature the product in action. The goal of this column is to laud the Super Bowl spots that achieved any or all of those aforementioned qualities. Some of these might surprise you.

Crowdsourcing and the Creative Ego
Crowdsourcing will never, ever replace the outstanding work you do. The sooner you embrace that fact, the sooner you will be able to see it for what it simply is: an effective tactic.

The Marriage of Reality TV and PR and The Race to the Bottom
The result of a perfectly executed PR campaign is the absence of a PR agency’s fingerprints.

Choosing Between Personal Happiness and Success
In the past several months, I have interviewed with digital, PR, and advertising agencies that run the gamut of size and recognition.

Why Nerds Are the Hottest Demographic in Marketing
Blind passion is reason why a Storm Trooper will never show up at a Trekkie convention, and it is why we are likely the most brand-loyal consumers who exist.

How BP Failed Social Media 101
Social Media is not a soapbox for corporations to stand upon to trumpet quarterly reports, new branch openings, or generalities that fall under the “Look how great we are” category.

Facebook's New Privacy Policy: Good or Evil?
My mind, it seems, has split into two distinct personalities: the marketer and the consumer.

New Marketing Trends Connect Directly With Consumers
Consumer empowerment was not the product of any effort on our part but rather the opposite. The Web opened up the floodgates of information, and social media connected consumers in an unprecedented manner, the cumulative result being an ever-increasingly savvy consumer. In today's marketplace, our old smoke-and-mirrors magic has been rendered impotent.

Who Should Handle My Company's Social Media Initiative?
John Q. Public doesn’t use Twitter and Facebook to be inundated with “buy this” messaging. J. Q. uses these networks to maintain relationships, and this is what we as communications professionals need to understand about the nature of the beast. True social media campaigns are about creating and fostering a relationship between the consumer and the brand, a goal that is achieved with the right messaging.

The Family Room 2.0
Picture any, generic family room. What is the centerpiece of it? Unless you are Amish, it’s the TV. Soon families will be surfing the World Wide Web via the same platform that used to bring them Hee Haw.

Advertising’s West Side Story (Sans The Bernstein Score)
I’ve come across numerous articles and blogs in which pundits are heralding “The death of the traditional agency.” Conversely, I’ve read rebuttals, both direct and indirect, from industry experts proclaiming that the “digital” agency has hit its apex and will soon fall prey to the pitfalls that all agencies face. As if something out of West Side Story...

Welcome to Omnicom, May I Take Your Order?
When I had just graduated from college, jobs in the Detroit communications industry were few and far between. Faced with a seemingly endless stack of bills from my college years and needing an immediate source of income...

The Year of Living Anxiously
Last year, when the economy officially began its downward spiral, it may have seemed to many that the sky was falling. Not me, I took it in stride. I’m from Detroit. I’m indigenous to poor economic climates.


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