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Original articles from Chris Miller.
Crowdsourcing Your Next Project
No I’m not talking about oursourcing your job but rather tapping into a global market of designers. Launched back in May, here in Chicago, crowdSPRING. becomes the conduit for buyers who need...

All the Information You Need
Remember the days of calling 411 and hearing, “hello Operator” and before calling 411 cost from $1.25 and upwards? What about what I used to do in the early 90’s...

Seven Reasons Why the iPhone is More Computer Than Phone
You had to be living in a cave over the past ten days to miss the iPhone hype, and while it’s now replaced by the Batman hype, I thought I’d share with my experience a week or so in.

One Step At a Time
Last week I talked about the importance of doing and embracing the mediums, tools, and applications that our clients and brand’s audience’s are. This week I’ll give you some thoughts and concrete recommendations on how to do this.

You’ve Got to Keep On Learning
This time of year when I see kids walking to and from school, they all have that “it’s almost over” look on their face. Remember that feeling?


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