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Original articles from Eric Werner.
Smart TV: What’s Behind Google’s Set-Top Box?
Chrome will enable TV viewers to interact with media in new ways. At its core, it enables you to use search to navigate channels and programs.

Change Your Job Description to a List of Accomplishments
In describing your accomplishments, you are describing the benefits that the hiring manager might expect to see if he or she chooses you, and that is what counts.

Facebook 'Likes' New Strategic Marketing
A minor change was made on a Web site, and a tremor was sent through the brand marketing collective. The Web site was Facebook, and the change was the wording around a user’s interaction with a brand. Instead of committing to being a "fan," now a user can just state he or she "likes" the brand -- a small change with big implications.

Google Buzz: A New Way to Share
Google recently rolled out a new feature in Gmail called Google Buzz, and a crowd of people now have a new way to share updates, photos, video, and more. The goal of Buzz seems to be to create a system that is as compelling and easy to use as Facebook.

Flash & Flex Those Web Analytics Muscles!
On the web it is possible to make a lot of decisions based on the data collected by web analytics tools such as Omniture. It’s a lot more likely that your decisions are going to be correct if they are based on web analytics or the broader business intelligence.

Seeding Viral Video
Seeding your viral video can mean the difference between heartening-success-plus-bragging-rights and dismal-don’t-wanna-talk-about-it results.

Viral Video Marketing - Planning For Measurable Outcomes
Viral video is such a dynamic player on the web. Surely nothing could sound so compelling to the decision makers who hold the purse strings.


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