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Original articles from Jeff Cotrupe.
Is Facebook the New E-mail?
When you want to reach out to someone today online, with a menu of communications capabilities (figuratively speaking) arrayed in front of you, which button do you push?

Is Social Media Really Bankable?
Social media now resonates with business because it is in keeping with the market’s need to reach the right parties in the optimal venues at the appropriate times with the preferred messaging mix.

The Real Issue Is a lot Bigger Than Facebook
Facebook may be the most high-profile flash point where the notion that everything on the Internet is (or ought to be) free runs smack into financial reality.

Facebook Privacy

The Best Browser Award Goes To ...
E-mail clients and Web browsers are now essentials of business and personal life for most of us. Your choices of browser and e-mail client affect pretty much every move you make online including your active participation in new media.

The Social Media (Selling) Event of the XeeSM
In fall 2009, I told you about a new service called XeeSM (pronounced see-sum), launched by Axel Schultze and the team who brought us the Xeequa Social Media Academy, where you can post links to your most important social media links and other sites in one place. Instead of loading up Web sites, news releases, ads, e-mail signatures, and everything else with an ever-growing laundry list of social links, now you can cover all your online bases with just one.

Is Twitter a Waste of Time?
About a year ago, Twitter itself recognized the service had crossed over from a forum for mundane status updates to a venue for more informative, synergistic sharing and interaction. Think of it as a vehicle to share useful info, interact with other interesting Twitter personas, make new business contacts and friends, and interest followers in learning more about you by clicking to your core site and other places.

Mobile Advertising Is On the Move
A recent article stated mobile advertising will generate billions of dollars in revenue by the year 2013. A question was posed, what if anything is really happening in the market?

Keep Those Apps and Postcards Coming
Virtually every mobile operator worth its spectrum has made it super-easy to buy applications for your mobile phone these days: Point > Click > Provide payment method > Done.

Defense May Win Championships - But You Still Have to Score
There comes a point when I survey the war-torn landscape and say to you, valued clients: Either you’re in business or not. If you are, the best thing you can do is create a new revenue stream and harvest more revenue from your existing customer base.

Single Sign-On To Your Online World...
It was probably a dozen years ago when I first added a company logo to an email signature. More recently we all started receiving emails with an ever-more-impressive lineup of logos in signatures linking you to the senders’ company websites, LinkedIN and Twitter pages and more.

Come Sail Away
The journey begins with the larger question of structure and getting down to core essentials: Which pages and content should even appear on your site?

Doctor, I Wonder If You’d Turn That White-Hot Spotlight on Yourself.
A new breed of companies has sprung up to serve as tour guides to the wild, wonderful web. Some are traditional agencies who went bust and are reborn as “interactive marketers.” Other agencies are hanging in there but recognize the Internet bullet train is leaving the cyberstation.

…but the Light Bulb Has to Really Want to Change
Let’s just say we recently concluded a contract with a tiny company in a niche market that claimed it wanted us to help it take its business to the next level. “We’re tired of trading dollars, winning just enough new business every year to offset the accounts we lose."


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