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Original articles from Jaci Russo.
Continuing Education: A Sustainable, Competitive Advantage
According to Arie de Gues, “Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive advantage.”
Now, to be honest, I am not even sure who Arie de Gues is, but I am thinking he is some sort of a genius. The problem is, far too many fail to heed his advice.

Competition from Within
We’ve all heard the stories about employees leaving in the middle of the night with a stack of client files tucked under their arms. In some cases, these defections have crippled and even shuttered agencies that weren’t able to recover from the loss…and the betrayal.

The 5% Solution: Ignore Them
Every time your organization makes a change, launches a new product, or creates a new event, it stands to reason that you alienate 5% of consumers. The Frustrated 5%. So, what do you do?

Avoid These 10 Tagline Trip-Ups
If used well, taglines will resonate for decades and build an emotional connection with your consumers. But if you make one of these tagline mistakes or your tagline has these qualities, it’s guaranteed that you’ll turn off more people than you’ll connect.

Things You Should Not Say During an Interview
This week we will be featuring some of the most popular Career Oxygen articles from throughout 2010. Happy Holidays to all.

Sometimes, the easiest part of the interview is just coming up with the right answer. Most expect the inevitable curveball the interviewer will throw our way. That’s because some are smarter than the interviewer.

How Effective Advertising Builds Brands
The message and positioning is key to ensuring that the ad resonates and connects.

Are You Branding With Your Message?
As long as you focus on the media, you can be assured that you are wasting your advertising. You have to focus on the message.

Why Good Ads Are Often Loved and Hated
Ads are subjective -- like music or art -- and some will love certain styles and messages, while others will hate the exact same ad.

Ten Tips for Choosing an Agency
CMOs and marketing directors are faced with a decision that gets harder every year -- how to choose an agency. It’s a challenge that surpasses swings in the economy or geographic orientation.

How You Can Stop Wasting 50 Percent of Your Advertising
With so many different ways to communicate with consumers, there seems to be a temptation to jump right into the conversation of where to advertise. What tactics will be best for marketing?

Make Your Marketing Magnetic
The best message in the world isn’t effective if it does not resonate and is not seen or heard by its intended consumer.

Why Internships Are Important
College internships are extremely valuable for those who want hands-on, real-world experience while completing their degree requirements. In addition to gaining great experience to complete your classroom learning, college internships allow students to develop their résumés and portfolios. They also have the potential to make valuable industry contacts that can be essential to landing the ideal job upon graduation.

Bravery's High Return Rate
It seems that advertising is always the first line item cut, whether it is during actual or just perceived hard times. This forces marketing directors to accomplish more with fewer resources. However, when companies take the opposite approach and actually invest in their marketing, they are rewarded with significant growth.

How Can You Be a Good Client?
In Confessions of an Advertising Man, David Ogilvy advises companies on How To Be A Good Client. For those of you that work “in house” on the corporate side, also known as “the client”, I hope that you will take the following suggestions from Ogilvy to heart.

Healthcare and Social Media and You
The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries are quickly becoming major players in the social media empire because of their message, relevance and familiarity.

Your Resume (Your Ticket)
When applying for a job, remember that you are trying to impress someone. That doesn’t mean don’t be true to yourself, but you do want to put your best, most impressive foot forward.

Living your Life Online
It’s about time for you to start living your life online. No, that doesn’t mean plopping yourself in front of the computer screen for twenty-four hours. It means that your life in reality should be in accordance with the life that you project onto your social media outlets.

Digging Deep
You always do your research before you put yourself on the line. Now try applying this lesson to your job search.

Continued Education – A Sustainable Competitive Advantage
What I am referring to is taking on the responsibility of bettering yourself, whenever and wherever possible. This could mean performing research on market trends, or simply paying attention to the world around you. The biggest mistake anyone can make, is assuming they already have all the answers.

Corporate Culture in the Workplace
Once upon a time, getting a job generally meant you were there for the life of your career, or at best a good portion of it. This often meant starting at the bottom and working your way up the ladder. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, times have changed.

Meatatarians Unite!
Well, in the once Burger King dominated fast-food viral videos, Wendy's is entering the playing field with their newest video, "Crazy Lettuce." The video, made to go along with their latest advertising efforts featuring the Baconator and Meatatarians, is... interesting, to say the least. It seems to be getting mixed reviews throughout MySpace and YouTube where it's posted. I mean, personally, it's no Subservient Chicken, but it's slightly humorous. The video then drives watchers to the website MeatatariansUnite.com, which is mediocre at best. There is nothing to do there except submit your email address (which I did), and then you receive an email (as follows) containing a certificate (that I can't download for some reason) and a coupon (which I won't use because I can't eat that sandwich, it's out of control). Overall, I think the Meatatarian efforts could be amazing if only a little more effort was put it. Thoughts?


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