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Original articles from Brad Mislow.
Freelance: the New Full-Time
Remember those paper hats with the word “trainee” printed on the side? The kind that fast-food franchises used to make new employees wear? It might as well have read “prone to screw up” or “don't blame me for the undercooked fries.” Trainee hats shouted to the world that this was a different class of worker — new, accident prone, and unseasoned.

Screens, Screens, Everywhere
The iPad has thrust us into age of tablet computers and large format portable screens. We’ll just have to see if advertising can live up to the challenges of this space in a new and interesting way. I think it has to, unless it wants to go the way of the Palm III. Or IV.

Beware the Machines: Creative Commerce and Our Gadgetry
An advertising teacher of mine once told my class something way back in the mid-1990s that still sort of rings true. “Don’t get too dependent on computers. Because your computer will [screw] you, sooner or later.” This was told to us in the pre-flatscreen, pre-iPhone, pre-WiFi era.

The Copywriter: A Day in the Life
It’s 11 a.m. Why isn't he writing? Words are needed. The account teams want them. The client expects them. And they had better be good.

Less Mass, More Media
Smaller media is more personal, more intimate, and far more entertaining than most of what’s on TV. Apple got it right when it affixed the letter “i” to its latest products. iPod, iPad, iTunes…whatever comes next will be very much personal, customizable, and desirable to an audience of one. Thus, the state of mass media in 2011.

In Defense of Kanye West: Marketing Genius
The old model of celebrity branding (which has now become the default model for all branding) is as follows...

What's a Newspaper?
Media consumption is changing faster than anyone has ever imagined.

Big Money Wins by a Landslide in Politics
For those of us in the copywriting craft, they’re a creative throwback. It’s really not advertising as much as it's pure propaganda.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?
In today’s world of social media, brands can skip the whole advertising process and flat out ask you to be friends.

The Evolution of Advertising
Gone are the days when the vast majority of eyeballs could be counted on to see your creative brilliance in a newspaper, magazine, billboard, or TV.

The Focus Group Has Decided the Focus Group Is Dead
Focus groups ask for people’s honesty in an artificial environment. This is a problem.

Pay Your Freakin’ Interns!
Interns can be invaluable in many ways, and that means they have value and should be compensated accordingly. Besides, it’s just the right thing to do.

It's Not You. It's Your Agency
If you have to ask yourself why you haven't met the client in person, why you never get asked to present ideas internally, or why your briefs feel like the same assignment, you’re not going to get anywhere at your current shop.

Freelance, the New Full-Time
To be clear, freelancers are not some creative underclass. They come with a price, as in a hefty day rate. They can rake it in if required to work late nights or weekends. They work, turn in an invoice, and then they’re out of there. Boom. Done. Next job.

Do Something Interesting. Work in Advertising.
Isn’t the reason most of us got into advertising is because advertising itself is inherently interesting? Everyone, with whom I went to portfolio school and/or worked alongside in agency creative departments, all shared the same passion to not have a run-of-the-mill, trapped-in-a-cubicle, regular-old office job.

Three (or More) is a Crowd
Clients love to mix things up in the ad biz. More and more, clients are awarding their business to more than one shop. There’s nothing new about it. It works like this...

Money for Something
Free is all around nowadays, even in our sputtering economy. The iPhone has thousands of free apps. Some even have practical uses: radio streaming, FedEx package tracking, mobile friendly versions of the New York Times, a carpenter’s level, etc. Sorry, iBanjo. I still don’t see the point.

The Digital Jump
There was a time I was all about TV spots. I loved making them. I loved watching them. I loved the fact that it was the easiest way to describe my job, especially to my parents. Print and radio was great too, but nothing gave me career satisfaction as cranking out the big spot.


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