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Original articles from Amy Hoover.
Interview Followups (Be Fast, Not Furious)

How To Write a Great Job Posting
Writing a great job posting shouldn't be difficult - use these tips to make yours shine and attract the top talent you're seeking.

The Ultimate Interview Checklist
When you're interviewing it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the potential job and lose focus on the very basics that will help ensure you do your best to get the job. Here is your list of the tried and true – check it twice and beat the competition.

I Know My Rights! (Or... How to Interview the Interviewer)
It's time to get out of the habit of thinking “I'm just happy to have a job” or “I would take any job that comes my way” and get back in the habit of knowing that you have a right to be happy at work every day and really dig the company you work for.

Career Management
Proactively managing your career is much easier and bears more fruit than reactively managing your career, and when put in those terms, I'm sure most would agree.

The Gap (Or, What I Did Last Summer)
There are likely many of you faced now with a résumé issue -- the gap in full-time employment without a meaningful freelance or contract assignment to fill the space. There are many ways to address this, and I can give you some solutions so you need not fret too much.

Transitioning To An Agency Gig - Or, Be Careful What You Wish For
A frequent question I've been asked over the years is posed by people who haven't worked at an ad agency but want to. They ask "How can I break in?" There is no easy answer folks, but I do have some advice to help you.

Job Search 101
Originally published in February 09, this piece is among the most popular career advice articles on our site. Enjoy the read and holiday weekend.

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough...
In trying times, the biggest enemy you can face is yourself. The voice in your head can fling some of the nastiest insults you're ever likely to hear. The trick: fight back.

This Ain't Burger King
And you don't get to have it your way. Sorry folks, but that's how things are as a Job Seeker right now. Yes Employers are behaving badly (phone calls or emails not returned, disappearing acts in the middle of the interview process, you know the drill) but it's in direct response to how they were treated from 1996-2000, or 2004-2008 when YOU called the shots.

I do, I do, I Really-Really do!
There are still some good fish out there in the sea, and many of you will be lucky enough to be introduced to them and live happily ever after. Ever after is relative - marriages and employment tenures don't last forever these days - but you you won't know until you try.

A Bad Deal
Sometimes you just know when it's time to settle down - find that special someone, get hitched, and live happily ever after. And sometimes you want it so badly that you can't see the red flags popping up telling you to run the other way. Job hunting when you really need a job can produce the same blinders that love will. Even if you're ok with Mr.-Right-Now, there are some bad eggs to avoid at all costs - Mr. Never.

Meet the Parents
It's probably the most unnerving part of the interview process - meeting the CEO/Top-Dog. But if you look at it like you're meeting the parents of your new love interest, it may help you pass with flying colors and be one step closer to that offer.

Is it OK to Settle?
Everyone wants a great job, just like everyone wants a great spouse or partner. But in this economy can you afford to hold out for Mr. Right, or should you settle for Mr. Right-Now?

Job Advice Q&A
I was honored to participate in AdweekMediaConnect's live chat session on 4/15. Through the course of an hour answering questions in real-time, I discovered there were some smaller issues addressed that may benefit anyone reading this column.

Career Kama Sutra (or, Positioning Yourself)
Back when there were no jobs in the industry in 2001 & 2002, “Consultant” was the resume term du jour. It’s 2009 and everything old is new again.

Your Righteous Resume
I have seen some truly bad looking resumes in my time. And I mean bad. You don't necessarily have to have the best resume ever created or pay a firm to write one for you...

Nail the Interview
Interviews are your big chance to make it happen. A lot can ride on the outcome; often there's not a 2nd chance. But hey, no pressure right? A lot has been said and written about interviews in the past but I continue to receive questions about best practices and tips so it's obviously a timeless subject. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Patience in the Job Hunt – A Virtue?
Many adages revolve around the idea of having patience and that you will be rewarded for it. But how virtuous can you be when job hunting? And when do you show your take-charge and aggressive side that so many employers seem to value?

Salary and Title Expectations
You don’t have a lot of bargaining power if you receive a job offer these days. But there are some rules to keep in mind that will help keep your expectations in line and guide you through the process.


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