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Original articles from Karen Post.
How to Repair a Damaged Brand When Disaster Strikes

It Takes a Leader to Turn a Brand Around
Do you have the skills, mindset, and traits to save a sinking brand, no matter how rough the seas get? Branding guru, CEO, marketing director, head honcho, boss, manager, entrepreneur — whatever your title, one day you may be faced with an unexpected challenge. Lead with courage, and you’ll likely turn it around. Manage with mediocrity, and your brand’s life may be very short.

When Good Brands Go Bad
60 Minutes is at the door. Are you ready to defend your brand? The business world is uncertain, risky, and forever changing, so it's no surprise that your brand will probably face some rocky roads throughout its lifetime, along with a little uninvited media attention. Whether due to a natural disaster, a product recall, a competitor’s maneuver, bad judgment, a customer complaint, or some other factor, your brand strength could be put to the test when you least expect it.

Branding and the Beast
New brands are created each day. Many will make it, many will not. And many will face unexpected challenges that result in brand breakdowns. With the right knowledge, tools, and preparation, you can better equip yourself to recover from that evil, intimidating beast — the unforeseen shakeup.

Friends and Other Nice People Can be Crooks Too
They are no different than another crook you learn about in the media, except they are stealing from you.

Four Ugly Twists to Hiring Talent and How I Wish I Had Handled It
As an entrepreneur, we don’t always have the luxury of time or an HR department to conduct deep background checks, so we make quick decisions.

Facebook, I'm Just Not That Into You
I have to admit I started my relationship with you because of intense peer pressure and media hype.

Here Are Four Ways to Get Yourself Kicked to the Curb
Being kicked to any curb is no fun. It means you got dumped, fired, let go, or thrown under the bus.

Can Walking on Coals Unleash Your Personal Power?
A few months back, I invested in a trip to Chicago and spent four days with peak performance coach Tony Robbins. If you don’t know Robbins or his work, he is worth knowing. He grew up in a household with little money, often experiencing holidays with no food and a rotating door of four absent fathers.

What Lessons I Learned from Seeing Oprah
A couple years ago I saw that movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nickelson called Bucket List... I liked being reminded of the value of having bucket lists. And making sure, I knock off as many as possible things while I can.

How Twitter Got Me a 6-Figure Gig
For all the doubters and naysayers, social media can bring in the Benjamins. In fact, for me, Twitter scored an exciting, new, six-figure assignment.

The Inside Job
The great brand is a wonderful thing—a symbol of your offering; the story of you; a powerful being that attracts new business, keep buyers from jumping ship, and earns you a prime position in the market’s mind.

Odd Fish Finish First
Odd fish are memorable. Odd fish command a premium price. Odd fish exude added dimensions of value. Odd fish finish first.

Brandtown, Anywhere - Destination Distinction or Brand Disarray
Communities, cities, and even states all compete in the world of everything—commerce, tax bases, cultural riches, hometown intellects, the creative class, and happy folks consuming it all. It’s the fuel to keep them going and growing. This also brews healthy combat zones, the seduction of buyers to destinations

The Name Game
A great name is like extra octane in a brand. A bad, boring or sound-alike name won’t necessarily kill a brands chance for success. In most cases however, it dramatically dilutes the brand equity and potency.

The New Face of FREE in Business
Just a few years ago, the question of utilizing a free giveaway might have gotten a snarky response from quality-seeking buyers. Must be second rate or defective, a desperate attempt at luring customers, or just pure no-value offer; “you get what you pay for.” Today, the land of FREE is landscaped quite differently...

Puking Pink Slips? Jumpstart Your Personal Brand Today
Unfortunately, a lot of smart professionals are seeing pink slips and hearing the dreaded news: “Your position is being dissolved.” First off, don’t take it personal. Many of these dismissals are consequences of the horrific economy and companies being mismanaged; not individuals doing a bad job.


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