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Original articles from Heidi Ehlers.
Prepare, Promote, Support: Without All Three, Are We Setting Up Our Newly Minted Female Creative Leaders to Fail?
I have been watching with a great deal of interest what has been happening in the industry of late. I’m talking specifically about the spate of women being promoted into leadership roles. It’s exciting. I think we all have General Mills CMO Ann Simonds to thank for it.

2010: The Year of the Underdog
It's 2010. The Year of the Underdog. The year that often follows The Year of The Big Shakedown. The Year of The Big Shakedown is also referred to as The Year that The Coasters Became Toast.

Do's and Don’ts to Consider When Building Your Online Portfolio
A reality that has withstood the transition from an old school to online: A portfolio that is beautifully presented and thoughtful is a joy to review. It looks good, it has wonderful work, it is neat and tidy, and there are no typos.

The Ten Job Hunting Blunders Many People Make
It's true. And it's common. Most people know what they DON'T want, not what they DO want. They move away from unpleasant, instead of toward fabulous. That's because one is much clearer than the other.

Remember What Your Mother Taught You
I get it. We're all busy. Thank God. But we're no busier today than we were when we were children. There were things to be coloured. There were televisions to be watched. There were fortresses to be built and castles to be conquered.

How to Get Headhunters to Do Back Flips For You
Distinguish yourself as being one of the best that every headhunter wants to know.

Get Your Shiznit Together, There Will Be Blood
Unless you've been living under a rock (sometimes known as working on a shoot) for the past three months, you can't help but be wondering if you're going to lose your job in January.


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