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Original articles from Joshua Miller.
The Mystery of Motivation
I am always amazed to witness how we as human beings hold the word and concept of “motivation” like some illusive mystery or outside force. We wait for its arrival, similar to how a little child waits for the tooth fairy to arrive and leave them some money.

4 Fool Proof Ways to Create Wealth NOW !
I don't know about you, but I am personally fed up with all the newsletters and emails from people and companies offering me their latest and greatest ideas, opportunities or products to improve my life...

Sarah Palin, will you be my Valentine?
Okay, I will admit I used one of the most obvious ploys to get your attention. As Sarah would say…Gotcha! Don’t’ worry, this article has nothing to do with Sarah Palin or politics. It’s about “paying attention”...

Trust Yourself and Enjoy the Pay Off
Let’s face it; times are tough for many people right now. With an uncertain economy and job security on the line, the one thing on the minds...

Thank You For Hiring Me…I Would Like to Give My Two Weeks Notice Now
Looking back now having had a successful career in an industry that afforded me everything I wished for – there are still key lessons on how to survive the turbulent and wonderful world of advertising.

Why Some Clients Can Be So Difficult to Help, and What You Can Do to Change That.


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