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Original articles from Jerry Work.
Link Warfare: A High-Level View of Running a Linking Campaign
What you need is a strategy for generating links from many different locations that contain your target keywords in the link text.

Expand Your Search Engine Visibility for Free
The rise of Bing has created more opportunity for advertisers and/or marketers and better information for search consumers. One recent innovation to arise is the mixing of retail product data feeds into organic search results.

Promoting Your Business Online with Flex Widgets
Interactive widgets are a great way to keep your company name and brand in front of potential customers/clients or referral sources. It seems like something that would be very complicated and require a heavy dose of programming. But in reality...

A Cool Little Trick that Merges SEO and Social Media
I almost don’t want to reveal this strategy because I like it so much. But I’m not too worried about it being overused because first off, it requires a little bit of work, and second, most people are going to be too lazy to use this strategy anyway.

Three Incontrovertible Tenets of Twitter Marketing
The rate of product development on the Internet is staggering. This creates a dilemma for the business person wanting to use the Internet as a marketing platform. There are so many options…so many ways to go about it…how does one know what to do?

How to Create Your Personal Twitter Management System
To say Twitter is hot would be an understatement. It has exploded, and to "tweet" has already become a part of our vernacular, just like to "google" something did a few years back.

Search Engine Reputation Management: How Many Web Pages Does it Take?
How many web pages? How many web pages does it take for you to defend your reputation? Immediately you’re thinking…what the heck is this guy talking about?

Everything Has a Return on Investment
I use the term “return on investment” a lot. The term is widely used as a financial measure. But return on investment is a concept that has much greater significance beyond measuring the performance of financial transactions. Everything you do is an investment...

Begin with the End: The Key to Successful Web Site Design and Promotion
When it comes to building their web site, companies spend a lot of time thinking about what the site should look like, but far too little time thinking about what they want the site to do for them.

Content Sequencing: How to Distribute Your Articles for Maximum Impact
Being aggressive in creating and distributing content is a search engine marketing strategy that I advocate heavily. It works. But the effect of distributing content can be multiplied by distributing content in the correct sequence.

Gain an Edge on Your Competition with Your Own Information Hub
Building and managing your own information hub can give you a real advantage over your competition. So what do I mean by “information hub”? I mean an informational site that provides...

Nine Tips to Make Sure Your Paid Search Marketing Costs You as Much as Possible
I don’t know if you’ve heard, people, but we are in a recession. Unemployment is on the rise…profits are on the decline…and everybody is going to have to do their part – do their part to preserve the profitability of Google and every other online advertising company.

The Great Search Engine Marketing Scam
I am a professional search engine marketer. As such, I make it my job to investigate new tools and technologies that relate to the business of driving traffic to web sites via search engines.

How to Use Squidoo to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site
I’ve been investigating Squidoo lately, especially in terms of using it as a marketing/promotional device. Squidoo is an interesting concept – sort-of a cross between an online encyclopedia and a social...

Fun with Pay per Click Math – How Much Can You Afford to Pay?
As professional search engine marketers, we have clients asking us to generate X sales per day or per month while spending Y dollars.


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