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Original articles from Brian Solis.
21 Tips for Using Twitter for Business
Last year, Forbes magazine assembled a visual list for its Top 21 Twitter Tips to showcase business examples on how to use Twitter for marketing, service, sales, and ideation. The original compilation served as inspiration for a new list, one that helps businesses of all shapes, sizes, and focus embrace not only Twitter, but all relevant social networks. While many examples and quotes remain the same, the list is modified based on my observations and personal experiences.

Indirect Competitors are the New Direct Competitors
And you thought you were special. OK, you are. But, let's take a look at the horizon so that we can work together to help you keep and actively demonstrate your edge, value, and differentiation.

Listeners Make the Best Conversationalists
Tools and networks will come and go. Popularity will shift across existing, up and coming, and not yet introduced services. If you're not everywhere, then you're only addressing a small portion...

Being Human vs. Humanizing Your Story
It takes so much more than an understanding of the tools and popular networks in order to inspire change and build long-term, meaningful relationships. We must not forget that we need to fuse what works today with...

Social Media is One Component of Broader Communications Strategy
Many have drawn the conclusion that Social Media marketers or Social Media consultants are to the new Web, what Webmasters were to Web 1.0. There’s a rush of excitement and enthusiasm...

The State of Social Media 2008
I’ve been on a recent whirlwind speaking tour recently, sharing and learning all things related to the socialization of marketing and service as well as how to measure these new strategies and tactics...

The Social Revolution is Our Industrial Revolution, pt 2
Last week I talked about how social media has changed media and the evolution of media. It is what I referred to as our Industrial revolution. This is a continuation of the article.

The Social Revolution is Our Industrial Revolution
Broadcast and print media and the services that support the creation and distribution of information are not dead...

The Art of Conversation - It's About Listening Not Marketing
Discussions and debates on the viability, necessity, and effectiveness of conversational aka social media marketing continue to roar across the Social Web.

PR 2.0: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations
Have you ever met someone so energetic, positive and incredibly smart - someone who exudes passion and someone who "gets it" in an inspirational way?

Cultural Voyeurism and Social Media
Many purported Social Media experts are merely engaging in cultural voyeurism at best. They look from afar and roam the perimeters of online societies without ever becoming a true member of any society.

Should PR Agencies Blog?
Contrary to popular belief, sometimes being open can hurt your brand. It's just a simple reflection and reminder that we are all open to public interpretation and response.

PR 2.0 = The Evolution of PR, Nothing Less, Nothing More
Somewhere along the way, PR lost its way and created a new “sub” standard for what should have been one of the most respected positions within business marketing.

Customer Service is the New, New Marketing
Transforming people into a surrogate sales force is the dream of any service organization. The difference today is that good customer service is no longer the minimum ante to play the game.

18 PR Tips for Startups
In order to be successful in Public Relations, you need to grasp what it is, what it isn’t, and how it works and why. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to build the right team, determine the best strategies and gain traction.


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