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Original articles from Joel Postman.
What Do They Mean By Social Anyway?
Many of us take for granted the meaning of the word “social” when we think of social media and social networking. But what does it really mean?

Six Social Media Predictions for 2010
Given that many visitors to Talent Zoo are here either to find a new job/career, or keep up-to-date on the latest trends, I thought I would share my thoughts on how social media is affecting the job market and the search for jobs and talent.

Debunking Five Social Media Myths
Social media, particularly its use in business communications, is still in its early days, and like anything new and different, there’s plenty of mythology surrounding it. The problem posed by certain of these myths is that they mislead those trying to adopt social media...

Using Facebook Fan Pages Effectively
There’s a big difference between a real fan (short for fanatic) of your company, and someone who decides to “Become a Fan,” which takes the single click of a mouse.

Famous Dead People Weigh In On Social Media
In an effort to better understand the social media phenomenon, it often helps to turn to experts in the field. But I’m not talking about social media gurus or mavens, or people with 20,000 followers on Twitter.

Job Hunting with LinkedIn
LinkedIn is generally thought of as a social network for career and professional development. If you’re actively looking for a new job, whether you’re employed or not, LinkedIn is a wonderful tool for doing so.

Why Johnny Can’t Tweet
Should Social Media Be Taught In Primary School? Interesting news comes out of the UK about a possible change in primary school educational priorities, shifting attention and resources from subjects like history and math in favor of what might be called Web 2.0 1.0.

Social Media Noobs and Gurus
Some social media “experts” and veterans look down on social media “noobs,” aka newbies, or newcomers. This behavior can manifest itself in several ways, such as the snub at someone who dares to say something as naïve as ‘Wow, have you tried Friendfeed? It’s pretty cool!” The social media putdown artist can respond, “Come on, everyone knows about Friendfeed.”

Web 2.0 Will Play a Big Role in the Obama Administration, But Don’t Expect to Chat With the President on Twitter
There is no doubt that President Barack Obama is the most connected, most web savvy president in history. His campaign launched one after another Web 2.0 initiative to set a standard for social campaigning that will still be talked about in 20 years.

Social Media News Distribution Comes of Age
For almost two years, I have been helping clients evaluate and implement social media news distribution. The use of Web 2.0 technologies for news distribution has really grown, and has reached the point...

Social Media. Neither Social Nor Media. Discuss.
One of the problems with social media, and there are many, is that it is neither all social nor all media. As its name implies, it is the collision between its social attributes, its ability to bring people together online...

LinkedIn: It’s All About the Platform, Baby
Professional/career social network LinkedIn continues to feel the pressure from other social networks, particularly Facebook, when it comes to offering users a more lively...

Tear Down that Firewall Mr. Corporate IT
For some companies, the only thing more worrisome than having sensitive information get out is allowing it to get in. Each successive generation of Internet applications seems to bring with it something for corporate gatekeepers (generally, but not always, IT) to be afraid of.

My Almost Free Twitter-Based Corporate Social Media Strategy
What if you could reach a few million people, improve customer support, tap into an incredible wealth of customer satisfaction data, protect and enhance your brand, and obtain some positive coverage, all for under $500?

My Social Media Love Manifesto
Quick, what single word that comes to mind when you try to describe social media?

15 Tweets of Fame
Fake celebrity bloggers and Twitterers. They’re the cubic zirconiums of social media. They aren’t real, but in some ways, they shine brighter than the genuine object, and they can’t help but catch our eye.

Mommy Bloggers, More Than Cloth vs. Disposable
I’ve always thought I knew what a mommy blogger was. I’ve heard the term, I know a couple of mommy bloggers, and I read all kinds of blogs, so I am familiar with mommy blogging in general.

Unpleasant Outings
A recent trend that should concern the profession is the “outing” by high profile bloggers of PR and communications people for “lame” online behavior.

Social Networking: Quality vs. Quantity
The value of your social networks is largely based on the quality, and to some extent quantity, of people in them. When developing your strategy for adding people, you’ll want to consider who you are and why you’re on the network.

Social Media Ethics: Not That Hard, Really
How do you avoid the ethical pitfalls presented by emerging communications channels? Behave ethically.

Zen and the Art of Slide Design
Effective communications and slide presentations may seem like mutually exclusive ideas, but slides are an inescapable part of agency and corporate life.

Tweeting Yourself to a Better Career
The convergence of PR and social media is inevitable, and the ways in which those of us in the industry use social media continue to expand.


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