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Original articles from Duncan Macleod.
Don’t Stop The Rock
At a dinner party last night I showed my guests “Eyebrows”, the latest Glass and a Half Full Productions video from Cadbury. It’s a minute and a half of eyebrow raising fun accompanied by a remix of the 1980s Freestyle hit, “Don’t Stop The Rock”. I explained that this was Fallon London’s follow up to the Gorilla and Truck ads. Discovering they hadn’t seen either...

Pangea Day Crossing Borders
It’s a strange coincidence that in the same month the world’s attention is riveted on the dilemmas posed by natural disasters in Burma and China, a short film festival hosted in five continents focuses on addressing the borders that separate people from one another.

Preparing For The Olympics: Patriotism vs. Activism
Walking through the city of Melbourne, Australia, this last weekend I came across a massive rally in which 2000 Chinese protesters called for an end to violence in Tibet, and for an end to media distortion. Red banners had the words, "Tibet was, is and always will be part of China" emblazoned in yellow print.

Green With Responsibility
It's often said these days that green is the new black. Whether it is human action or not that is to blame for global warming, we're seeing evidence that the ways in which we produce and consume have an impact on the environment.

International Long Tails
I’ve been hunting down online TV advertisements since September 2003. Duncan’s TV Ad Land was initially a response to requests for copies of the viral advertisements that were being used in my work on generational change and popular culture.


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