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Original articles from Jocelyn Brandeis.
Why Do We Send Out Press Releases, Anyway?
I know what you’re all thinking (“We really need to discuss this?” and “Aren’t press releases dead?!”), but give me a moment to explain. Earlier this week, I had a newly formed non-profit client tell me that even though their website isn’t up and running yet (after six months), they still want to send out a press release, but (wait for it) NOT to the media, just for SEO purposes. Okay, you can all stop laughing now, because I laughed enough for all of us.

The Smaller the PR Agency, the Bigger the Attention?
I recently spoke with a potential professional services client about her current PR strategy. Once she found out I was a PR person, she opened up and began to discuss all of her fears and concerns with her current (not-to-be-named) “celebrity”-owned, large-sized PR agency. She said she initially hired this agency on a recommendation from one of her industry organizations that the agency had done work for, not just on their reputation alone.

Customer Service - ­ It’s Imperative!
Customer service is often the first line of defense a company has when a customer calls in with a problem. If you’ve had to deal with customer service over the past decade, I’m sure you’ve found, like I have, that it’s on the wane.

The Big “O” No!
Don’t get me wrong, I think an endorsement by “O” herself is great, if you can (legitimately) get it (and I have), and “The Oprah Effect” has been incredibly powerful.

A Salute to 20th Century News Anchors
It’s hard to imagine getting the TV news without some of these iconic figures there to tell us “how it is.” These people are reporter's reporters they're objective, fair, sincere, credible, thought-provoking, and accurate truth-seekers who have been non-partisan yet equal opportunity offenders.

The Mourning of a (Technology-Driven) Nation - And a Few Predictions
Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks now give users the ability to commune with the world in real time. From a sociological perspective, it’s amazing that we can share almost anything as a group of one. From a psychological perspective, we’re not alone.

Doctor, Do I Have Social Networking Fatigue Syndrome?
I’m not here to bash any of these social networking services; this is not a love-hate relationship. It’s a need-don’t need relationship. In fact, I think social networking can be of great use in many ways. But there is also a need to know when to pull back and give yourself a break from all of this chatter.

UH-OH! Same Subject – Conflicting Stories
In the age of 24/7 news cycles and faster-than-light social media reports, it’s important to remind ourselves that being the first to report something isn’t always the best position to be in. What matters is the truth ­ getting the news story correct with your target audience.

Crisis Communications Part 2
We all know the old adage when it comes to the news, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Tragedy, crisis, or whatever terrible thing it may be, the news media will be all over it. In Part I, we learned to define a crisis and how to plan for it. Now, we’re going to talk about how to handle a crisis.

Mea Culpa, I'm Sorry...Now What?!
In the past few weeks, a lot of people have been publicly saying "I'm sorry" for the dumb things they've done: Christian Bale’s on-set tirade, Michael Phelp's bong incident, Governor Rod Blagojevich's alleged sale of a Senator's seat (and his subsequent media tour proclaiming his innocence), etc. This is a trend we’ve seen for quite some time...

Crisis Communications – Part I
A crisis, by professional standards, is a situation that impedes the ability to do business in a normal manner. Because a crisis often confuses, alarms, or angers customers, the result of a crisis, if not handled properly, can cause the loss of business, and ultimately, the loss of reputation.

Who Will Provide the Most Attention to Get The Job Done?
Earlier this week, I spoke with a potential professional services client about her current PR strategy. Once she found out I was a PR person, she opened up and began to discuss all of her fears and concerns with her current (not-to-be-named) “celebrity”-owned, large-sized PR agency.

Contracts and Getting Paid For Your Work
We all know that written contracts are signed and agreed upon by clients and consultants to protect them legally and to spell out what is and isn¹t expected from both parties...

Dealing With a Death of a Client
I was going to write on another topic this week, but I feel compelled to write on the subject above, since my client and dear friend recently passed away.

Managing Expectations
Whether you’re in-house dealing with the head of your department or C-level executives, or at an agency dealing with clients, you always have to manage expectations.

How Do You Write a PR Proposal?
I often get asked from younger and freelance PR professionals how to write PR proposals for potential clients.

Let's Talk About Press Kits
I’ve been answering the question “What is a press kit and what goes into it?” over and over again for both PR professionals and business-owners during the past few months.

Getting to Know Potential Clients
When evaluating potential or new clients there are several questions you should ask to gain information about them. These questions can help you delve a bit deeper into their business without revealing proprietary information.

Working With Smaller Clients
While we all need to pay our bills, here are some things to consider before working with clients who are smaller or who pay a bit less than your normal fee.

Use Your Vocabulary
We’re all fighting for journalists’ attention, so why not use whatever you have to present your client in the best light. Your first line of positioning is your words.

Deadly Words From Clients
Memo to Self: Tactfully remind clients why they’re hiring you…then run the other way when they say these words

The Ever-Changing Face of PR
As PR professionals, we need to be on top of every social network, every new blog and podcast and every possible opportunity to get our clients’ names in the news

Let's Talk About Community
Hello fellow PR practitioners: I wanted to write about a different topic for my first article, but I also wanted to stay positive. So I’m writing about something else – community


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