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Original articles from Martin Bihl.
Career Advice From People More Successful Than Me
We like to think we have a master plan. We like to think life is linear. We like to think we know what we’re doing while we’re doing it. But we also know that pretty much none of this is true.

Interview Advantage: Understanding the Problem the Job Attempts to Solve
One of the most difficult things for people to understand when looking for a job -- whether they’re new to the market or old hands -- is that no one is hiring you because they want to give you a job.

The Short of the Long
I teach advertising at an arts university. Often they tell me that the reason they are in my class is that they want to use advertising as a job to support them while they get on their feet as artists...

In Praise of Taking Your Eye Off the Ball
Coaches tell us when we are first playing sports to keep our eye on the ball. But when I was very young, my father, who spent most of his life either in or arguing about ...

The Last Generalization You Will Ever Need
Life is full of generalizations. Like that one, for instance. And nowhere are generalizations more rife than in the Advertising industry. They appear in our creative briefs, our pitches, our presentations, our conversations and emails. But I am happy to be able to present...


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