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Original articles from Sheila Campbell.
Dignity is a Two-Way Street
I regularly hear some of my fellow flacks complain that their pitches and releases are ignored or sometimes mocked by their colleagues in the media. yet some of these same flacks are slow to respond when the media calls unless that call is the direct result of one of their campaigns. I contend if we want respect, we have to give it, and if we're smart, we will extend our hand first. The media business is deadline-driven, and it's rude, crude, and downright unforgivable not to acknowledge that with our actions and behavior.

Thank You, Dr. Bell
A media flack's best friend is the telephone, especially in these days of email blast media releases. Technology allows the solid flack to know if the release has been opened. Following that up with a phone call with a well-developed pitch can close the sale. It may be drudgery, but it's necessary.

All the News That’s Fit to Tweet
By now if you have read the news or turned on the television in the past few days, the Iranian presidential election and public protests surrounding the victory of incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have remained near the top of the mass media’s attention. What you will also be hearing about is how Iranians are twittering about these public demonstrations, posting photos of the chaos, @replying to Wolf Blitzer about his haircut and more.

Daily Newspapers RIP?
Mark Twain once said that reports of his death were greatly exagerrated. Might the same be true regarding daily newspapers? It's undeniable that print dailies are closing, ad revenue is decreasing and there has been a shift in readers' habits. The trick for flacks is to find the new mass audience information clearing house. It might still be newspaper organizations with online outlets. Be careful before you remove the dailies from your media lists. Premature Death Notices

The Girlscouts organization has partnered with Windows and developed a new online resource for teens trying to navigate their online environment. LMK (let me know) Life Online is an interactive web site designed to teach and advise teens on how to be online safely. Their Mission: Being online, texting, and IMing are a part of your life. You probably understand how the internet works better than your parents do.

Microsoft launches a policy blog
Here is the latest from PRWeekus.com. Microsoft is the latest company to get on the blog bandwagon: Microsoft launched an “On the Issues” blog on January 9 to engage in global public policy debates surrounding technology. The blog acts as a platform for the company to offer its perspective on public issues facing the tech sector, in addition to breaking company news related to public affairs, said Brad Smith, SVP and general counsel for Microsoft.

Circle of Moms
Circle of Moms crashed on the scene in October. Since the launch, it has gained 850,000 registered users. Registered moms, looking for a way to connect with other moms. It is currently the second largest social network devoted to mothers. There are many ways to connect with other moms, one being a Facebook application, as well as participating in any of the many groups on the site.

Reebok opens pop-up on Bowery
Reebok launched a pop-up store on New York City's Bowery street in a move to boost its street cred. The store will be open November 15 to December 14 and is stocked with lifestyle-based footwear and apparel and limited edition styles inspired by the city. “[A pop-up] puts us in a position to find a cool spot for a certain period of time and move on to do something new,” said Christian Stegmaier, VP, Reebok lifestyle products and head of its classics division. You can read more about the store opening here.

To learn how to rick-roll someone in your life, check out what Twilio has to offer. Twilio's information says that it allows Web Apps to make and receive phone calls. This has the potential to be awesome, and I think the idea of rick-rolling someone on their cell phone is hilarious, as long as it's done to a person with the right sense of humor.

Sony Ericsson consolidates PR with Burson
Sony Ericsson has selected Burson-Marsteller as its North American AOR, consolidating its PR function. Last year, the company selected Burson as its global AOR but had retained GolinHarris as its North American AOR. “It's really about leveraging the global relationship,” said Stacy Doster, head of PR for SE. “Especially in today's economy, it's important that we follow the lead of the company globally.” Doster said the company's primary communications goal is to build its brand in North America. PR efforts will target business and consumer audiences through traditional and new media outreach, she added. You can read more about the changes here.

Tweeting Your Way to the Top
In today's on-demand society, news travels fast. In fact, according to social networking tool, Twitter, news travels at about 140 characters at a time. Twitter is the most widely used micro-blogging site and has become an essential PR and marketing tool. When the medium is being talked about by mainstream media staples such as CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, PR folks need to be paying attention.

AdAge Search Marketing Report
AdAge has released it's 2008 Search Marketing Fact Pack. It appears search is a bright spot in the advertising downturn. The piece provides an interesting review of search marketing, spending and the medium as a whole. Have a look here.

YouTube for Kids
Monitoring what your kids watch - especially on the internet - is difficult to do. Totlol is a community-moderated video website powered by YouTube that is designed specifically for children. All videos are submitted, screened and rated by parents. Here is how this site is community-moderated:

How to get over Financial Crisis Fatigue Syndrome – try some good news for a change
Most of us by now have FCFS – Financial Crisis Fatigue Syndrome. You can hear it all around you – moans and groans on a daily basis from office doorways and cubicles as the stock market goes on another terrifying roller coaster ride and ‘breaking news’ alerts detail the latest round of company closings and lay offs. So, yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see my BtoB Magazine news alert pop into my inbox with the subject line that some marketers plan to increase spending in 2009. Yes, I said increase. Let me repeat – increase. You can read more of this great news here.

Cell phones as security devices
Meeting people you've met online is usually a worry free event. Occasionally, though, something goes wrong, or the person you're meeting makes you uneasy. This happens in every day life, as well. Walking to your car at night, at the mall. Having a stranger approach and want to talk with you. I've found a site that makes my cell phone one more way to try and keep myself safe. It's called My Mobile Witness.

Heartbreaking..and avoidable
Oct 23, 2008 (21 hours ago)Heartbreaking…and completely avoidablefrom Digital Pivot by AlmaGray My parents lost their home a year ago due to predatory lending, so when I read this article http://tinyurl.com/3zz837 I found it especially heartbreaking. I understand prior to the wave of foreclosures some homeowners were living well beyond their means, but at the

Selling the Unsellable
How do you sell the unsellable? Well American Airlines address this in their newest ad. Just to warn you, it might even make you say "Aww, poor guy".

Do You Love My Hair?
Here is a funny ad…well music video really. I found this video today and had a good chuckle. Its from the California Milk Processor Board. Apparently this will be their second release; entitled “Is It Me, Or Do You Love My Hair?” It’s definitely a nod back to the awesome Glam Rock of the 80’s.

PR vs Journalism
These spots were produced for the Public Relations Society of America's National Capital Chapter's 2007 Annual Thoth Awards Gala, these Mac/PC Spoof Commercials personify the battle between Public Relations (PR) and Journalism (and the Media/Press). There's about 5 commercials included. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Being Careful with the Words We Choose
Please someone tell me--how many more days until the election? SIGH. Although this highly charged political year has been exciting and entertaining, it's also been exhausting. Now nearing the home stretch, it appears that nerves are becoming frayed and a sense of common sense has been lost. We all know the historic nature of this year's presidential election, and we know why it is historic. With that said, communication directors of both campaign's owe it to their candidates to advise against the use of inflammatory language and innuendo to "rally their base of support".

Sins of Omission: Tough Decisions Agency Executives Hate to Make
“What new business strategy makes the most sense? How can we create an agency culture that fosters creativity? How can we improve the performance of our people? What do we have to offer that is uniquely ours?”

Branding to Your Most Important Client
You are one of the top managers in your company. You’re on the phone with your boss talking about how well your department is doing when there's a knock at your door.


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