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Original articles from Rich Brooks.
How to Jump-Start Your Business Blog
The fact is that because of lack of time, commitment, or a good strategy, the majority of these blogs fail. Later, when a prospect finds these abandoned blogs — either through a forgotten link on the company's website or a search engine result — they’re left with a negative impression of the company.

Do You Really Need to Pay Attention to Social Media?
Lately, in conversations with clients, at networking events, and even over beers with friends the conversation of social media keeps popping up. Probably because I keep bringing it up.

How I Increased My Email Signup Rate by Nearly 6,000%...and How You Can, Too
Despite all the junk mail filters and over-zealous ISP firewalls, email marketing still offers great ROI. But how can you benefit from this low-cost marketing effort?

Jumpstart Your Blog
Some join with the best of intentions. Others start a blog because someone from marketing twisted their arm. Still others were on a drunken bender...

Nine Tips for a Profitable Blog
There's no doubt that more businesses are realizing the power of blogging to establish their expertise...

Using Twitter for Business
When I first heard about Twitter, I was pretty sure it was a cross between a complete waste of time and navel gazing on crack. Turns out I was right.


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