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Original articles from Tim Brunelle.
Being on Fire
Passion has a funny way of synthesizing and illuminating core truths. The bureaucracies, the lifeless traditions, and the status quo pale in the face of intense objectivity -- witness Ferdinand Piech, Phil Knight, or Steve Jobs. There’s a reason the person leading the way out of darkness is usually pictured holding a torch.

Nothing Matters More Than Gratitude
If other people—not just you—want you to succeed, in fact, are grateful your company exists, then your infant company stands a much greater chance of sticking around. This has as much to do with the work you perform as the spirit of work you provide.

The New Linguistics
Being a creative person has always been, in part, a job of competing with popular culture. Your real competition wasn’t just the ads created by other creatives, it was any great film, album, novel or distraction and the way in which that art adjusted our common understanding of a common tongue.

Becoming a Copywriter (circa 2009)
I wrote my first headline in 1992. It pretty much sucked. Since then it’s been a journey.

Gossage On The Brain
Please make room in your beach bag this summer for a 324 page, 10 inch by 8 inch volume of the best advertising insights ever inscribed on paper. I’m speaking, of course, of The Book Of Gossage, published by The Copy Workshop, a collection of one book and much more.

Show Runners and the Future of Advertising
Job descriptions just don’t cut it anymore in advertising... These are symptoms, from the front lines, of a broken system. The roles inside every ad agency have changed tremendously because of technology in the past very few years.

Finding Inspiration
Advertising is the business of optimism and the business of creativity. It is our life’s work to encourage. So here’s a few thoughts, not on finding that elusive gig...

A few weekends ago I found myself in Albuquerque with four other smart advertising people to judge the New Mexican community’s body of advertising work. I wonder what Cormac McCarthy would have said about this state of affairs. Probably not much...

Your First Portfolio—an Industry Survey
My first portfolio was truly awful. Bruce Bildsten was at Fallon at the time, and was kind enough to tell me the truth. It took almost a year, numerous revisions...

The End Game: Starting Your Own Agency
I never thought I would work in advertising. When I was 13, I spent one of those “career days” with Lee Lynch, founder of Carmichael Lynch. Advertising looked like fun, but not like a career.

Giving Gifts
Thank you, Amy Krause Rosenthal. One of your ideas has been percolating inside my brain for over a decade. It is a gift that has kept on giving.

Politics ‘R Us
I like Jerry Seinfeld. I even kind of like Bill Gates. And I like them together. I’m still happily confused about the two Jerry and Bill spots we’ve seen so far. The world’s richest man...

Brand Films—Then and Now
Part of what continues to fascinate me about advertising is the rare opportunity to define a brand—to make tangible the intangible...

Inside Job
We live in disruptive times. New technologies pop up and usurp old assumptions. Consumers oftentimes have more persuasive effect for or against a brand than the brands themselves.

The Holy Grail
We're supposed to bow down to these altars in the digital age. We've stood on our soapboxes for over a decade, asking others, to believe—to acknowledge the proof.

Listening to Zappos
Zappos appears to have eclipsed Dell, H&R Block, Comcast, JetBlue and other name brands on the popular microblogging platform, in terms of its number of employee-participants.

Dear Graduates
Traditional thinking suggests you go to school, build up a body of work, graduate and that's enough to get your first gig in advertising. But I believe your portfolio is just table stakes.

Marriage Counseling
A love lesson for the marketer, the advertiser and the consumer alike.

By all accounts we're heading into difficult economic territory. Credit's tightening. Advertising spending in the traditional spaces isn't predicted to increase as it has in past years.

The Future of Advertising
There's plenty of irony to go around, of course. I don't pretend to know what that future may be. But as it's been said, "If you want to learn something, teach it."


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