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Original articles from Adam Aziz.
Harley Hogs Its Labor Options
We're in the reporting business here, not necessarily the approval business. That understood, we note that a determined effort by Harley Davidson to wring concessions from the union at Harley's York, Pa., plant apparently is on the verge of success. Machinists Union officials are recommending to Harley's 1,950 York union members that they approve a new contract even though it's likely to cost 950 of their jobs. And introduce a "casual workforce" of between 300 and 400 union workers. The alternative, Harley started saying last spring, is to move the plant to another state. Shelbyville, Ky., emerged as the leading contender for the York plant...

Make Monthly Newsletters Count
One of my clients, real estate expert and author Chuck Salisbury of TenPercentDown.com, sends out a monthly e-mail newsletter to his members. Salisbury does a good job of staying current with his basic message that real estate investment property is still a much lower risk than many investment choices today.

Fly Over? Fly Away!
Imagine flying a "replica" Air Force One 1,500 feet above the Statue of Liberty accompanied by a fighter jet – in sight of Wall Street and the setting of 9/11. All for a "photo op" to update government files. Nobody would do that, especially without effective notification to New Yorkers, would they? Well they did, yesterday.

"Risky Business" is a report worth studying
Risky Business: Reputations Online™ is a worldwide online survey of 703 senior executives conducted by Weber Shandwick in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit that's just been released. My hat is off to WS and EIU for their work on this as it's a report well worth your time. It's just a glimpse into the minds of global business leaders because it surveyed 703 people, which certainly isn't the world in total. But it offers some good insight into what company executives are thinking about the online world colliding with the business world.

The Day the Brands Stood Proud
Product placement has become huge in television shows and movies. In the new movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, product placement

Suicidal Ads May Affect Pepsi as a Brand
We all know that to build a brand, bold measures as far as advertising and promotions can be a good tactic. However, there is fine line between distinguishing a good ad and a suicidal ad. Apparently Pepsi forgot all about the good part as these new ads that they are using are not at all amusing.

Woolies Yelling MayDay!
Woolies is a brand that most of us now may not be easily familiar with but it is said to be among the hot brands dating back to the 1930s. It has been around and is also known as Woolsworths and among their specialization included everything for house and home, from kitchenware and tools, to haberdashery and toys.

Atari Making a Comeback
Atari will always typify where game consoles started. Starting out with the simple yet entertaining games like Pong in 1972, Atari died down as far as development for the game was concerned. Though we are now seeing a congested market that includes jockeying in position with names like Nintendo and Sony, Atari is banking on a brand rehabilitation program to once again build on the brand niche that Atari was once known for.

Blu-Ray or DVD? What’s the Difference?
Today we are being treated to another so-called high definition technology as far as home entertainment is concerned. Many say that Blu-ray technology is the best way to enjoy DVD movies, a notch above the traditional DVD copies of movies we buy in the market. The question is would anyone really care?

Art of War - First is Best
Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy, will be fresh for the fight;

Battle of the Brands
A few days ago, I posted about the way the media has branded Britney Spears. You can see that post here.

Irritating but Effective Whisky Commercials
We all know that the call for bans on alcohol commercials has been imminent but for the meantime they are here to stay. They may be barred in some events and have been allowed to air on selected markets, a compromise that will suffice for now.

Car Manufacturers Still Positioning for Super Bowl Ads
While everyone is paying more attention to the Big Three (or Two?) of Detroit as far as seeking a financial bailout is concerned, there are other car manufacturers taking their place come the Super Bowl. Leading the list is Audi which had bought a 60 second spot of the first quarter of the game.

McDonalds to Invade Coffee Market
All fast food chains have their share of beverages. Coffee is one of them. But compared to the coffee specializing companies like Starbucks, you will agree that the best coffee once asked for will always point towards the nearest Starbucks store.

Ellen Degeneres: The New CoverGirl
This time around, Ellen Degeneres will not be sitting down and talking to her guests. Rather, she will be posing as the new beauty brand CoverGirl ad which will be out by 2009.

Manny Pacquiao: The Hero
For many people who are glued to the world of boxing, Manny Pacquiao has already been branded as the best pound for pound fighter today. But as far as his hometown is concerned, he is a modern day and national hero for bringing glory to his country, the Philippines.

Why SEO Isn't PR
One way to think about what public relations is as a discipline is to contrast it with SEO. Stuart Bruce has a post that does just that. SEO is a tool, and public relations is a destination -- a more profound place to be. Public relations is about reputation, and SEO is about awareness. SEO can help build reputation, sure enough, but it is not a substitute for doing -- building and maintaining relationships that result in a strong, favorable reputation -- instant recognition and regard.

Nike BlueJacks Customers
For most retailers who carry the Nike brand, do not be surprised to find your mobile phone or gadget (assuming you leave it turned on), to be getting Nike ads. They are not viruses but actually ads being transmitted by the store, an informal way of advertising that has become common in such stores. While it does seem ingenious, it may also backfire since we all know that using the Bluetooth of our devices has been hit as potential risks as far as security issues are concerned.

EliteXC Advertising Spiel
Real time fighting has slowly come into its own and while we all know that events such as UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has steadily made its mark with minimal advertising prowess, there are other shows that are aiming for a share of the viewers today and are actually using videos as their main advertising mechanism to help them get identified. So many have called this video a fake but from the looks of it, given the budget and practice that others have done already, it can pass for a good advertising spiel for EliteXC which has been labeled “Hits and Chicks”.

Political Campaigns: A Matter of Sanity and Plea
So much attention has been pegged at Obama and McCain that we now have other political aspirants in the lower level hitting one another for their various tactics. A strategy that they have perhaps taken from the aspiring presidents?

Banned Commercial? Xbox 360 Jumps In
I don’t really understand why Microsoft would not want to air this commercial. Too violent? Well if you call using your hands as imaginary guns as violent then perhaps they have a point. Sort of like promoting guns through playing cops and robbers in an imaginary way. But seriously, perhaps Xbox 360 was looking for where the game console is in all this frenzy where practically all the people were acting as if there was a mafia war going on.

Hair Genesis Uses New Advertising Approach
You may want to call it a familiar tune of rewarding advertising affiliates but providing a certain percentage for sales in exchange for helping in the advertising mix does seem to be the feasible way to go about embarking on a credible business these days. But while many are apprehensive, it really depends on how lucrative your percentage and commission will be. Also, it depends on what you are marketing. In this case, hair-loss solutions are slowly but surely growing in demand and for advertisers that may be hitting the right market, it can indeed turn into something beneficial if you commission the right advertising arm. Hair Genesis™, announced today that it will be paying for its print advertising in newspapers and magazines nationwide based on a percentage of sales the print ads generate in each publication, courtesy of MediaBids’ Per-Inquiry (PI) Advertising Program.

Google Assigns TV Ads to NBC Universal

Complete Consumer Interaction
The Takeover Group work includes online and offline projects for MTV, Ford, and numerous bands and record labels. In addition, his company AMA Cartel Inc. (of which the owner of The Takeover Group, Scott Willemsen, is a partner) launched HHNlive.com, a portal for hip-hop news and content, for which Adam serves as Editor-In-Chief. In an age where young people are ever harder to find and reach via mass media outlets, The Takeover Group has a definite feel for a new generation of consumers.


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