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Original articles from Eric Layer.
You're Either Hiring for Culture, or Against It
Companies will always have a culture, and culture will always be set by the people you hire. If you’re not actively building a healthy one, you’re passively building a sick one.

What Should Data Mean to a Marketer?
There’s a well-known disclaimer in the investment business: “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” But it’s a truth that doesn’t seem to have translated for marketers.

Why We Need Humble Leaders
We expect pride of our leaders. If you’ve accomplished much, you have much to be proud of. A great leader who is humble is perceived as an anomaly: “He’s done so much, and yet he’s so humble!” As if humility is an impediment to success that must be overcome.

Why HR and Marketing Need to Talk
Over the Christmas holiday, I joined a few million other Americans by watching the second season of Netflix’s The Crown. We in the USA have an odd fascination with the British monarchy, reliably gobbling up anything related to the UK’s Royal Family.

What Dying Brands Should Learn from the Business of Death
When brands or industries are in turmoil, it’s easy to hunker down and take a defensive stance. But too often, that instinct is exactly what leads to a company’s demise. The Blockbusters and Radio Shacks of the world put their heads down to defend old turf when they should have been aggressively striking out after new opportunities.

How Columbian Guerrillas Teach Advertisers to Stop Fighting
Marketing is often characterized as a war. It’s not hard to see why when so many campaigns are long, expensive conflicts between two sides. The Cola Wars of the 80s. Battles over features between cellular providers. Microsoft’s painful rebuttals to “I’m a Mac.” The status quo in advertising is to shoot and shoot back.


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