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Original articles from Scott G. Howard.
Married to Our Careers, and Each Other
In the midst of all of the excitement, I reminded myself that we were getting married because Chris needed health insurance. Without a good paying job with good benefits that I had at the ad agency, I wouldn’t have been able to offer that health insurance coverage to her.

Careers and Clinical Drug Trials and Tribulations
Things had become a bit challenging where I worked, at EMA, and we had experienced some layoffs due to the ups and downs of the economy and how it impacted the advertising industry. One day, I got called into my boss’s office...

The Fight to Save a Life
In March of 2009, Chris and I went to Destin, FL so that she could take a break from her cancer treatments. She had completed her first rounds of chemotherapy, and desperately needed an escape from her everyday life.

No Turning Back
Chris and I were in shock. Her neurosurgeon at Duke University Hospital had just told us that she had bone cancer, and that Chris likely had less than five years left to live, since there was a ninety percent five-year mortality rate from the type of bone cancer that she had, which was osteosarcoma.

Staring Into the Abyss
In April of 2008, Chris and I went back to see her neurosurgeon for her one-year checkup. He asked her to get an MRI so that he could make sure that she was clear of spinal tumors. After Chris had the MRI scan, we went back to see her doctor about a week later to review the scan results. At that appointment, his news floored us.

A Career Emergency Plan
Life is funny sometimes, in ways that you could never anticipate. Never in our wildest dreams could Chris and I have ever imagined that she would get a spinal tumor at the age of 37. We were not prepared for the upheaval and emotional challenges that it would bring, let alone the impact to our careers.

Work/Life Balance: At What Cost?
We’ve all heard the proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I believe that to be true. Advertising is a very deadline-driven business, and we all succumb to the demands on our time, getting constantly pulled in many directions, often stretching ourselves much too thin.

Moving to the Big City
You need to trust your instincts too, whether it’s keeping in touch with a prospective employer over a lengthy period of time (in my case, it was about two years), or whether it’s cutting your losses in a job that’s either too limiting or without potential. Listen to that little voice inside your head as you travel on your career path, and you’ll be very glad that you did.

An Accidental Career
Something really funny happened in my life in 1990: I fell into the advertising business. Advertising was not something that I had gone to college for, and it was certainly not a career that I had dreamed of since I was a child, as my wife had done with her career in interior design. Chris had known that she wanted to be an interior designer ever since she was a little girl.


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