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Original articles from Fortune.
Target Offers Bleak Holiday Season Profit Forecast
Target CEO Brian Cornell in a statement said that holiday season shoppers could expect an improved shopper experience thanks to “our investments in wages, training and additional hours.”

Uber and Lyft Have Banned a Conservative Activist
Conservative activist Laura Loomer was banned from the ride-sharing services on Wednesday after unleashing an anti-Muslim tweetstorm.

Twitter Will Now Label Political Ads and Sources
Twitter said on Tuesday it would add labels to election-related advertisements and say who is behind each of them.

Burger King Released a Powerful Anti-Bullying PSA
The fast food giant rolled out a public service announcement Tuesday in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month that uses a clever social experiment to demonstrate how people often refuse to speak out against bullies.

How Walmart Won Back Shoppers from Dollar General
The dollar store was one of the fastest growing retailers in the years after the Great Recession as low-income shoppers looked for lower prices.

How Alyssa Milano's 'Me Too' Protest Went Viral
A simple, two-word phrase flooded Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on Sunday night and Monday morning: “me too.”

Nordstrom Wants to Sell More Plus-Sized Items
On Monday, the department store chain called on top brands to add more items in sizes 14, 16 and 18.

Hilton Launches New Concept Catering to Millennials
Hilton Worldwide is going smaller, cheaper, and more local with what it's calling a “hostel on steroids."

3 Steps Uber is Taking To Change Its Culture
Change is critical—even if it means losing top performers—because the world has changed and what happens in the culture of a company affects business metrics.

Five Things You Can Do to Attract Millennial Talent
​Anne Donovan, PwC’s human-capital transformation leader, says she started noticing something different around eight years ago. New employees would stay only a year or two before quitting, no longer receptive to the old deal that the longer they stayed, the more marketable they would be.


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