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Insert a Pun with the Word 'Ello' Here
October 2nd, 2014 by Mike Bush
Say Ello. Ello Mate. What the Ello is that all about? There have been lots of stories beginning with some variation on the name Ello. Regardless of the (sometimes) witty intro, once one of the Talent Zoo (and Flack Me) powers that be sent me an invite to the site, it became pretty obvious what my next post was about. I don’t want to write this from the “here is how it works” perspective. I’ll leave that to other folks.

In Crisis Communications, Never Say Never
October 1st, 2014 by Doug Bedell
Jim Horton has a point on his Online Public Relations Thoughts site about crisis communications – Never say never again. Just learn from what happened, acknowledge the challenges and do your best to overcome them. For Secret Service director Julia Pierson to tell a U.S. House committee "I will make sure that it does not happen again" was indeed unfortunate.
Hollywood Warms Up to Climate Change, Gets Cold Response
October 1st, 2014 by Shawn Paul Wood
Typically, Hollywood gets behind one cause as a collective front. From child abduction to hashtagging on the Red Carpet, it’s like they have their own Intranet discussing “What do we shill next?" Enter climate change into the fray of the beautiful people. Lately, movie stars have been vocally and visually active behind developing awareness around global warming/climate change.
Linked-In PR/Marketing Contacts At-the-Ready
September 30th, 2014 by Doug Bedell
Want to build the rollcall of your PR contacts and mentors almost in a single click? Murray Newlands on Entrepreneur.com lists 27 public relations and marketing professionals available as LinkedIn sources of expertise. Among the exemplified traits, Murray notes, are willingness to learn and try new things and the ability to overcome adversity. Sounds like a pretty valuable group of web associates, right?
Comcast Vows to Improve Its Customer Relations – Wow!
September 29th, 2014 by Doug Bedell
Maybe now, or before too long, we'll be able to get a Comcast cable TV controller that doesn't strain our patience to use. Maybe. Philadelphia Magazine reports that Comcast has named Charlie Herrin, a 15-year veteran of the company, as senior vice president for customer service. He's charged with roaming across the cable giant to "reimagine the customer experience"...
PR Remains Foremost, Because Relationships Come First
September 26th, 2014 by Doug Bedell
Following up handily on our post yesterday on the difference between PR and advertising comes a dispatch from Fast Company by Jarone Ashkenazi on the continuing evolution of PR itself. The official definition of PR, crowd-sourced by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) only two years ago, needs revisiting in light of the rise of social media, Ashkenazi notes.
Are you Pitch Perfect?
September 26th, 2014 by Jeannine Wheeler
If not, you may want to invest some time in reading a new book that can help you prepare for just about any situation where you are required to present yourself and your ideas. This can include a PR pitch, a job negotiation, a wedding toast, or, indeed, any occasion where you are required to be engaging, persuasive, and effective. Pitch Perfect by Bill McGowan and Alisa Bowman teaches you “how to say it right the first time, every time.” McGowan, an Emmy-winning correspondent and founder and CEO of Clarity Media Group, has helped to train hundreds of newsmakers, CEOs, celebrities, authors, editors, attorneys, and athletes — even a few PR executives. What they have in common is the need to gain a new skill set that will help them to earn new clients...
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