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Panera's Woes in Doing Additives Good
May 6th, 2015 by Doug Bedell
Lo the poor consumer, who wants to do the right thing, or go to the right places, when eating out. Is Panera Bread one of those places? You would think so, but now Panera is being accused of a “PR stunt” in issuing a list of more than 150 artificial ingredients it will omit from its food by the end of next year.

New Poll Provides a Starting Point on Race in the U.S.
May 5th, 2015 by Doug Bedell
Don’t know how you feel about telephone polling, but here, at least, is a mile marker for our times. CBS News and the New York Times took a poll from April 30 to May 5 that found, by extension, that 61 percent of Americans “now say race relations in the United States are bad,” the highest percentage since 1992.
PR Can Help Make Bleakness Sunnier, Too
May 4th, 2015 by Doug Bedell
Good public relations isn’t only about things bright and sunny. Kerry Diamond, Editor in Chief of Yahoo Food, writes about fighting depression with cupcakes via the Depressed Cake Shop, a concept that originated with a PR executive in London in 2013. Everything in a Depressed Cake Shop is topped with gray icing.
Tweeting Against the Tides of a Crisis
May 1st, 2015 by Doug Bedell
Here’s a rundown from Environment & Energy Publishing (E&E) on how social media, especially Twitter, is being used as a crisis communication tool. “We have an incredibly powerful device in our hands,” says Matthew Seeger, professor of communication at Wayne State University, “Social media gives us real-time or near-real-time information flows around a disaster, and that is powerful.”
Fiskars Puts a PESO in Its Pocket
May 1st, 2015 by Jeannine Wheeler
That’s the PR model PESO — paid, earned, shared, and owned; and if PRs are not using it, say industry experts, they can kiss their jobs good-bye. One brand that put a nice twist on the Paid and Earned aspects of the model is Fiskars, the 357-year-old scissors company. Suffering from flagging sales, Fiskars in 2006 ran focus groups that told them that if it were a color, it would be the color beige.
Journalism Along the Way...
April 30th, 2015 by Doug Bedell
A couple of way stations in the evolution of journalism: A University of Wisconsin freshman decides that journalism isn’t dead, but requires a new definition: “The practice of broadcasting events, incidents, opinions or happenings by means of any publicly accessible platform.”...
Fly Swatted: Annoying Habits Flacks Could Stand to Change
April 30th, 2015 by Mike Bush
For years, we PR folks have always tried to listen in, fly-on-the-wall style, to the interviews our clients are having with various analysts and media members. But over the past month, a few journalists I have a ton of respect for have asked for one-on-one meetings with clients, leaving this flack feeling like he just met the business end of an 18-wheeler’s windshield (much like the bug who kicks off Men in Black).
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