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Facebook and Google Team Up to Combat Fake News
Facebook and Google have teamed up together with 17 French news organisations to weed out the problem of fake news. This is through Google’s “CrossCheck” initiative which is launched by its News Lab arm. The initiative is headed up by First Draft News...

Uber to Deploy Self-Driving Cars in the US This Month
Uber will allow users to hail self-driving cars within a fortnight, the company has confirmed. Starting later this month, Uber will allow customers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in US to call self-driving cars from their phones, hitting a milestone that no automative or technology company has yet achieved.

Don’t Track Clicks, Measure What Matters
While APAC is poised to be the world’s leading digital advertising market this year, overtaking the US in terms of ad spend, there is a growing debate on whether brands are accurately measuring the impact of and maximising their digital ad spend. Marketing spoke with Steven Feiner, ex-Googler and CEO and founder at startup, A Better Florist, on the challenges of understanding digital marketing performance and focusing on increasing conversions. Feiner founded A Better Florist last year in Singapore with the aim of making it much simpler and quicker to purchase flowers online...

Clients Who Don't Pay: Hasn't the Industry Had Enough?
There is nothing more appalling than non-paying clients (no, not even scam ads) in our industry. While we may have come a long way, certain issues still plague the industry as they did decades ago – and non-paying clients top the list. Makes you wonder: how much have we really progressed? Non-paying clients are big and small, local and multinational, so let’s not discriminate.

Netflix Gets a New Look
Netflix has changed its icon. The company on its Twitter page said in response to a user that it is not a new logo but rather the N is a new creative icon to tag along with the current logo. The icon is currently being used on both its Twitter and Facebook page and seems to better fit the square icons of the social media world – compared to its previous horizontal icon (see above).

Starbucks Faces Lawsuit for False Advertising
A woman from Chicago is suing Starbucks for US$5 million for false advertising claiming that the coffee giant is under filling its beverages by adding too much ice. Hence consumers are overpaying for their caffeine-fix. The plaintiff Stacy Pincus, alleges that Starbucks “has engaged in the practice of misrepresenting” the amount of cold drink a customer will receive.

Caitlyn Jenner Lands Sponsorship Deal with H&M Sports
Caitlyn Jenner, formely known as Olympic gold medal winning decathlete Bruce Jenner and part of the Kardashian family, has inked a deal with H&M. This was confirmed on Jenner’s Twitter feed. Jenner also shared the image on her Instagram account with caption: “Can’t wait to show you more of this inspiring..."

Digital Media Case Study: Taking a Selfie from Space
An inside-look on how the beer brand spurred transnational participation for the world’s first selfie from space. As part of its integrated global Spectre THE MAIL campaign, Heineken created a top secret event very much in keeping with the uber high-tech spy world of Bond. Once again, Heineken pushed the boundaries...

3 Ways to Capitalize on Word-of-Mouth Buzz via Contextual Commerce
A trend doing the rounds is ‘contextual commerce’ – that is, products that are ‘delivered’ to a consumer whenever they are online. The promise of contextual commerce emerges from the power of data, especially data delivered by devices like smartphones and wearables that capture consumers’ behavior...

How Philips’ New Beauty Gadget is Winning Women’s Hearts
Public relations has always played its part in the marketing mix, but it is rarely recognised like other disciplines. With evermore integrated marketing campaigns, PR is no longer merely a supporting role, but takes centre stage in developing solid content and experiences to connect. Philips launched its revolutionary VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device...

8 Tips For Better PR Agency Management
Running an agency is like running a theatre production. Responsibility for the success of the backstage operations as well as the quality of the ‘show’ itself falls on leaders of public relations and communications agencies. So how do you go about managing a team of diverse professionals to run a ‘show’ that excites the audience, your clients, and makes money?


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