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Original articles from Deborah Adlington.
The Power of Nostalgia
Ah, remember when? Nostalgia is not just a Sunday afternoon pastime. Advertisers are using it to rein in older customers and catch the intrigue of younger ones. Just think about the most popular Super Bowl commercials — hearing John Kennedy speak, seeing the Today Show hosts gab about the Internet in 1994...

Are You Catching These Opportunities to Reinforce Your Brand?
Reflect your brand promise from the inside out. Make sure employees are aware of your brand values and message. It should be natural for them to share stories that reinforce the brand. Keep the messages and customer success stories in front of employees. Partner with HR to communicate brand values. Make sure brand values are considered in employment practices and performance measures. Create brand awareness information for HR to use in new employee orientation.

Bring Back the Newsletter
Let’s resurrect the company newsletter. This mainstay of the '80s needs to find its place again. The celebration of a truly paperless society is a bit premature. If your target market is boomers, many of them still enjoy a paper read. A strong company newsletter that appears in paper and online can improve community awareness and foster teamwork within your organization. In this change management climate, a newsletter provides something...


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