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Original articles from Patrick Foughty, APR.
You’ve Got Mail: The Army and Their Problem with Emails and Women in Combat
If there’s one thing we all do constantly, it's email. Email is still one of the major ways we communicate in the digital realm, and we’re all checking it all the time. From personal notes, to business emails, to organizing social and volunteer events, email has become the backbone of how we get stuff done in the 21st Century.

To Kill an Early Bird
Napoleon is supposed to have said, “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” It could be argued that the Pentagon’s now-defunct news-clipping service fits both aspects of this quote — it had its glory, but is now fading away as light into the dusk. Soon the service, called the Early Bird, will be all but forgotten, its ensuing obscurity making it as though it never existed.

The Curious Case of SpongeBob the Tombstone
You run a cemetery; 98 percent of the time you probably have little need for solid public relations. Why? Because your public is no longer among the living. But wait, scratch that, your public has nothing to do with those residing behind the walls — your publics are outside the gates. They’re the loved ones of those on your property. Those left behind. The living. Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio seemed to forget this earlier this week when they told a family they could not use a monument (tombstone) they had not only paid for out of their own pocket, but put serious emotional investment into. Army Sgt. Kimberly Walker died eight months ago (allegedly killed by her boyfriend)...

Is Public Affairs (Relations) Essential?
As with all news lately, everything seems centered on the government shutdown. The fight between the Tea Party, the GOP, the Senate, and the White House; the healthcare debate; the utter gridlock between the right and left; it goes on. Caught in the middle are the federal workers, a popular pawn in the political game of chicken, many of whom have been furloughed after being deemed "non-essential personnel." This week the Department of Defense decided to interpret the Pay Our Military Act...

Twitter saves Rusty the Red Panda; Or, Twitter Ends Fun, Self-Guided DC Tour
When I spotted what I thought was a raccoon in my neighborhood, I never thought it would lead to my wife’s (@AshleyFoughty) quick burst of Twitter stardom and the rescue of an endangered animal. It all started when we were walking home from lunch. A cute little animal not much bigger than a housecat emerged onto the sidewalk, looked at me, and moseyed down the street as if he lived there.

PR Win: Royal Caribbean — Ablaze With Good PR
Cruise lines have been in the news a lot it seems, and the companies that sail these behemoths have had a lot of headaches in the customer service and public relations sector. There appears to always be crisis in the industry, whether they’re sinking off the coast of Italy, going dead in the water, crew or guests going overboard, norovirus sweeping ships, or experiencing fires; it seems like an almost monthly news report of something happening. Of course, this is probably due to years of hard steaming with little time invested towards maintenance overhauls. The company with the biggest slacker record for ship maintenance and customer service has been the Carnival conglomerate...

Internal Communications: Good for Me, Good for You
With a quick glance across the majority of PR blogs in the digital space, one will see that most talk about how to gain more followers, raise awareness with customers, or latch on to the most recent viral campaign, all focused on one element — external audiences. While external communications gets the majority of the fanfare (and why not, external audiences produce direct, measurable impacts...)

PR and Mr. Selfridge
If one tuned into PBS the week after the third season of Downton Abbey concluded in March, one would have bumbled onto a delightful show called Mr. Selfridge featuring the always energetic Jeremy Piven. The show, about a real person who opened the first major department store in London...

Avoiding Viral: Minimizing the Snowball Potential of Bad News
Getting your message to ‘go viral’ is all the rage these days. Marketers at Dove Soap and Kmart, among many others, have been especially good at it. Even public relations professionals are interested in getting their message viral, especially those messages that are good news stories that enhance the brand and reputation of their organization like this one at the University of Nebraska.

PR Functions: Three Keys to Advising the Boss
In many organizations there is often a prevailing culture that persists in letting the boss (i.e. the Director, CEO, Commander, etc.) walk around without any clothes on. In other words, everything she says is golden and she can do no wrong. It’s easy to understand how this comes about...

PR Blunders: Why Schools Need PR Pros
It seems that on about a monthly basis some school, somewhere in this country, gets called out for making some ridiculous policy decision that lacks common sense and empathy. This often happens when a student says or does something in ignorance or defiance, resulting in a swift knee-jerk reaction to suspend or expel the student...


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