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Original articles from Ryan Stoldt.
Blogging for SEO: Content Matters
While writing for search engine optimization, one thing has become abundantly clear over the past few years. Content is king. The more content a website contains, the more traffic it will ultimately pull from search engines. This does not mean that a website should become so clustered that it is difficult to navigate, nor does it mean that copywriters should plug nonsensical language into a site...

Building A Personal Online Brand
Organizations are increasingly looking toward the Internet while looking at potential employees. Because of this, people are looking for ways to create coherent individual brand images. By doing this, people are able to tell their story to an employee and share their potential value in a variety of ways before ever meeting them.

The Use of Social Media During Crises and Tragedies
The past week has been tragic for everyone. The catastrophic explosions in West Texas and at the Boston Marathon reminded everyone that tragedy can any day to anyone. For professionals within the field of public relations, it is also a reminder that crisis can happen at any time without warning.

Netflix Drives the Cable-Cutting Generation
Since the launch of Netflix, industry leaders have been talking about the fear of the cable-cutting generation. This trend has vastly changed the world of entertainment television. Definitions of “television” have changed to incorporate cable-cutters.

Transparency in the Digital Age
There are the cases where being transparent is bad, but there is a happy medium between putting your address and times of day you will be home on a site and showing the interaction between you and your friends on Kid President’s March Madness video. Be smart, watch what you put on your pages, and let the world see you who for you are. Your future employers will appreciate it.

What Does the Veronica Mars Kickstarter Signify for Startups?
Since the launch of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign and its incredible success, a lot of talk has gone around the digital world about how crowd-sourced funding is changing the way businesses will run in the future. While some TV junkies should maybe get their hopes up for repeat performances of the Veronica Mars backing...

ROI Indicators in Social Media
It’s finally happened. Most businesses have stopped questioning whether they should be on social media and are attempting to connect to consumers in the digital realm. Now that this exodus has taken place into social media, businesses are questioning the best ways to measure ROI in social media.

Professionalism and Content Quality in Social Media
In early 2013, Twitter launched its version of embeddable video, Vine. Unlike YouTube and Vimeo, Vine requires all of its videos to run at six seconds. Like most social networks that become popular extremely quickly, marketers jumped onto Vine as soon as it launched. Because of the time limitations, marketers faced a major challenge. That challenge led to some awful six-second commercials. Both phone-quality video and poor brand messaging raised major questions...

The Emerging Standard of Multi-Source Media
Short-term trends are frequent in the digital industry. Social media sites come and go. Internet lingo changes daily. Viral videos fade from cultural relevance as quickly as "Napoleon Dynamite” dance videos. All of these digital trends ultimately follow a specific pattern; they launch, rapidly rise to success...


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