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Original articles from Bloomberg News.
GM is Reviving the Hummer - Sort Of
General Motors is moving forward with plans to revive its polarizing Hummer brand, this time as an electric truck instead of an emblem of gas guzzling.

Kellogg Jumps on Fake Meat Bandwagon
With the dad joke-esque name Incogmeato, Kellogg is one of the latest brands to start offering bleeding burgers, along with Hormel's Happy Little Plants.

US House Panel: Juul Targeted Children at Schools and Online
Juul Labs Inc., spent more than $200,000 sponsoring programs in schools meant to “convey its messaging directly to teenage children,”and marketed to teens by recruiting online influencers.

Firefox Joins Safari in Blocking Some Online Tracking
Chrome now the only major browser that doesn’t bar these tracking tools by default. When will Google succumb to the pressure?

Goodbye iTunes; More Expected From WWDC
iTunes has been the way Apple users listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, hear podcasts, and manage their devices for almost two decades. This year, Apple is finally ready to move into a new era.

Apple Sued Over FaceTime Eavesdropping Glitch
Apple was sued by a lawyer who claims his iPhone inadvertently allowed an unknown person to eavesdrop on his private client conversation.

Big CPG Brands Will Start Reusing Packaging
Ice cream, soda, dish soap to be sold in reusable containers; Pepsi, Unilever, P&G sign onto pilot program in Europe, U.S.

WhatsApp Limits Message Forwards to Fight Fake News
WhatsApp has begun to restrict the number of people a message can be forwarded to, in an attempt to fight fake and misleading information from going viral

Goodbye Lee and Wrangler, Hello...Kontoor Brands?
VF Corp has picked a name for its soon-to-be-spun-off jeans company, and it’s a bit of a head-scratcher.

Millennials' Tiny Turkeys are Disrupting Thanksgiving
Small birds are having a big moment. With smaller holiday feasts, tiny birds are gaining popularity.

Millennials Strike Again! Victim: American Cheese
American cheese will never die. It has too many preservatives. But it’s melting away. Thanks to... millennials.


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