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6 Reasons You Should Write a Horrible First Draft
Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Start by getting something—anything—down on paper.

A Guide to Passive-Aggressive Workplace Communication
Every workplace has its jargon. Some buzzwords and insider phrases are industry-specific; others are just trendy and spread like germs. These euphemistic phrases that have become ubiquitous in the modern office.

6 Crisis Lessons From Equifax’s Data-Breach Response
In a corporate crisis, the first challenge is the precipitating issue (in this case, the breach itself). Here, Equifax failed.

7 Free Writing Resources
These free online resources can help you on your productivity journey.

Why PR Graduates Should Consider Careers in Tech
Attention PR pros and people new to the industry: Technology startups and established organizations are looking for communicators.

35 Words PR Pros Often Misspell
There are plenty of obscure, impossible-to-spell words. These are words used at national spelling bees. However, when was the last time you used “succedaneum” in a press release?

7 Traits of Compelling (and Useful) Content
It’s getting harder to get your messaging to stand out, land and resonate. It’s difficult, not impossible.

5 Common Grammar Pitfalls
We're all human, so mistakes can certainly occur, especially in this digital age, when it seems our keyboards are moving faster than the news cycles.

A Back-to-School AP Style Guide
Whether you’re writing about classes that are already in session or finishing a guest post about academic preparation, AP Stylebook’s recent guidance and updated entries can help your copy make the dean’s list.

Avoid Email Mistakes With This Checklist
Proofreading isn’t much fun; however, doing it carefully is critical to accurate and effective email marketing copy.

6 Stories That Are Not Pitch-Worthy
In public relations, it’s not always obvious what constitutes a good story. It’s important to differentiate between legitimate story ideas and self-serving fluff.

5 PR Lessons from Leslie Knope
For seven seasons, fans watched Leslie Knope shine in NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” If you wish you could make that kind of difference in your PR agency, there’s good news: You can.

8 Traits of Pitch-Perfect Clients
As a PR pro, you have opportunities to work with many types of clients. There are large enterprise clients, smaller startup clients, nonprofit clients, clients in various industries. No matter the size or industry, as those of us in public relations know, some clients stand out from the rest.

3 Ways to Land Media Coverage When You Don’t Have News
If you’ve got no news to pitch to journalists, create some. Some of the ideas below can be implemented cheaply; some will require a larger portion of your budget. Nor can they be pulled off overnight; these suggestions are intended as part of a long-term strategy...

3 Reasons PR is Essential for SMBs
For the uninitiated, the world of public relations is a foreign land rarely encountered, poorly explained and sorely misunderstood.

Improve Your Writing With Story Prompts
Played any writing games lately? One of my favorites is Storymatic, a game that uses a series of cards to generate story ideas. With each turn, players draw two character cards...

5 Ways Editors Are Like Chefs
Master chefs transform humble ingredients like onions, tomatoes and carrots into dazzling culinary creations. All proficient chefs do some version of that, though there is something deliciously satisfying about the notion of repurposing barely palatable foodstuffs into vibrant, surprising feasts.

20 Bits Of Corporate Jargon You Just Might Embrace
Corporate communicators spend countless hours dealing with jargon. We delete it. We replace it. We enforce style guide rules related to it. We argue about it. Managing jargon is a staple in many careers.

3 Social Media Lessons from 'Orange is the New Black'
This month, I, like most Netflix account holders, binge-watched the latest season of "Orange is the New Black." I am a new fan of the show, but after seeing all of the posts and excitement on social media about it, I was inspired to start watching. After watching the show and following it on Facebook and Twitter...

4 PR Lessons from 'Modern Family'
With a cast of hilarious characters and creative, comedic scenarios, it is no surprise that the television show "Modern Family" has become a favorite of many TV viewers. Amid the laughs and Cameron’s outrageous costume changes, the characters deliver important life lessons which public relations professionals...


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