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Would You Pay For a Premium Web Browser?
In an interview with German publican t3n, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard said a premium Firefox is on its way sometime in fall this year. Is the era of free browsers coming to an end?

Facebook Will Start Tracking Which Stores You Walk Into
Facebook wants to show advertisers that their ads make you visit their bricks-and-mortar stores and buy their stuff. To do this, they’ll use phones’ location services to track whether people actually walk into the stores after seeing an ad. The company’s new Local Awareness ad features will be fascinating...

Amazon's Planning to Sell Its Own Branded Food
Amazon plans to infiltrate your home more thoroughly than ever. A new report by the Wall Street Journal suggest that the online retailer is planning to launch a slew of own-brand products in the coming month, which will include perishable food and other household items.

Facebook Admits Its Trending Section Includes Topics Not Trending on Facebook
Facebook’s Trending news section includes topics that aren’t actually trending on Facebook, according to a statement from the company today. The admission came after The Guardian published a trove of documents, including a copy of Facebook’s “Trending Review Guidelines” used to train workers—known internally as “news curators”—who run the platform’s trending section.

Google's Going to Use Emoji to Empower Women
A team from Google has proposed a new set of emoji to represent occupations. But for a change they depict women as well as men—an idea that the team thinks will better reflect, you know, real life. The suggested emoji—there are 13 of them in total—depict...

The Creators of Siri Are Releasing a New AI Next Week
Although you might associate Siri with Apple, that particular pocket assistant wasn’t born in Cupertino. In fact, Siri was an independent app before its acquisition by Apple in 2010, and now its founders are back with a new and improved version, “Viv.” According to a report in the Washington Post, two of Siri’s founders...

Want to Know What Facebook Really Thinks of Journalists?
Depending on whom you ask, Facebook is either the savior or destroyer of journalism in our time. An estimated 600 million people see a news story on Facebook every week, and the social network’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has been transparent about his goal to monopolize digital news distribution.


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