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Vitaminwater's $100k Smartphone Challenge
Could you live without a smartphone for a year, if you were rewarded with $100,000? Vitaminwater is challenging you to try.

Netflix's 10 Most Binge Watched TV Shows Of 2018
Although Netflix is famously secretive over its viewership numbers, they gifted us with the holiday treat of its most binge-watched shows of 2018.

Lego Gifted $100M to Sesame Workshop
The Lego Foundation just gave Sesame Workshop $100 million to help children who have been impacted by the Syrian conflict.

Walmart vs. Amazon Heats Up
The world’s largest retailer once again showed it's willing to spend and sacrifice profit margin for market share gains.

PBR in Desperate Court Battle With MillerCoors
Pabst Brewing Company and MillerCoors are facing off in court this month with big stakes for one of America’s longest-brewing beer brands.

Jack Daniel's Releases Advent Calendar
Jack Daniel’s wants to help you celebrate the days leading up to Christmas in the best way possible: with whiskey.

How to Answer the Most Uncomfortable Interview Question
If you’re interviewing for a new job, or meeting with recruiters, there’s no guarantee that anyone’s going to ask you to talk about your flaws. But it’s a pretty safe bet.

Google Makes Rare Change to Homepage
When you visit Google’s homepage on a mobile device, you’ll now find that there’s a Discover feature under the search box where you’ll find a curated list of content.

Mr. Rogers Pitches Google's Pixel 3
The voice of Fred Rogers returned to television screens during the World Series on Tuesday night.

Coca-Cola's Marketing Slogan in New Zealand Did Not Go Well
What was supposed to read as a friendly hello to a friend on vending machines actually translates to “Greetings, death.”

Easy Steps to Make Your Resume Stand Out
Nowadays, your resume has to cater to the human hiring managers and the robots viewing it. Here's how to nail it.

Is LaCroix Really All Natural?
A class action suit filed against the drink’s parent company alleges that this is a false claim, charging the brand with using a number of artificial ingredients.

IHOP is Brewing Up a New Offering: Pumpkin Pancake Stout
IHOP’s identity crisis is taking another unusual turn as the pancake chain has released an IHOP-branded beer in select markets.

Google Just Overhauled Its Search Algorithms. Again.
Google is tweaking its search engine to emphasize more personalized results and more compelling images.

Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin Partners With Virgin Atlantic
The Portland, Ore.-based gin brand is going to be served exclusively on Virgin Atlantic and at Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses in major airports.

Oreo Will Celebrate Mickey Mouse's Birthday With New Cookies
Early images show a white Oreo package covered in confetti, and points to a birthday cake flavoring.

Amazon is Now 3rd Largest Digital Ad Platform in U.S.
U.S. advertisers are likely to spend about $4.61 billion on Amazon’s advertising platform in 2018, which is a whopping 144.5% increase.

Coca-Cola Considers CBD-Infused Drinks
The move would mark a major shift in the cannabis industry, with one of the world’s largest corporations embracing the drug.

A Domino's Franchise Ends Free Pizza Campaign
The campaign promised 100 free pizzas for 100 years for fans who got a tattoo of the Domino's logo.

Carlsberg Goes Greener With Snap Packs
According to Carlsberg, the Snap Pack technology will reduce the amount of plastic it would typically use in a six pack by up to 76%.

Blue Wave Hits In-N-Out Burger
Cult fast food chain In-N-Out Burger is getting served after it was revealed the restaurant chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party.

Tom Brady & Russell Wilson Team Up as Pitchmen
Both Brady’s and Wilson’s deals include equity stakes in the online mattress company Molecule, which also has a partnership with the New York Mets.

How Target Keeps Its 'Tar-zhay' Luster
Having unique products that have a strong enough identity for shoppers is essential to keep Target on the comeback trail.

The Best Ways to End Four Common Professional Conversations
Your “closing” should open doors. If you want to get people to take action and do what you want, this is what you should say.

The Girl Scouts Are Adding Another New Gluten-Free Cookie Option
The Girl Scouts are here to save the day with a morsel of good news—at least for cookie lovers.

Amazon Hiring 200+ Work-From-Home Employees
All are full-time, with benefits, and open to applicants in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Costa Rica.

Bespoke Post Adds Curated Wine Subscription
The NYC-based startup thinks Millennial men are being underserved in the category.

Walmart to Sell Gobble Meal Kits in New Partnership
In the battle over the future of food purchases, Walmart is making moves to maintain a fighting chance against Amazon and Whole Foods.

IHOP President on the IHOb Stunt
Darren Rebelez addressed the company’s name change gimmick in a new interview: "Literally Everyone on the Planet' Knows It Sell Burgers Now"

Why and How to Celebrate World Emoji Day
Whether you celebrate today with a happy face, a pair of raised hands, or a mere shrug, July 17 marks World Emoji Day.

Adidas is Going Greener
The company is doubling down on its sustainability push. By 2024, Adidas will only use recycled polyester in its shoes and clothing.

It's Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven
7-Eleven stores will give customers a free small Slurpee on ‘7-Eleven Day‘ (July 11—or, 7/11 on the calendar) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How HBO Will Change Under AT&T Ownership
HBO employees were told at a recent town hall that the premium network is going to “change direction a little bit.”

Seth Rogen Calls Out Twitter on White Supremacy Problem
The actor tweeted on Tuesday that he has been “DMing” with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about his “bizarre need to verify white supremacists.”

P&G Wants 50% of Its Ads Directed by Women by 2023
The consumer goods corporation will also work toward closing its own gender gap at the creative director level.

Brand Blunder: Target Sells 'Baby Daddy' Cards
Across many of its stores, Target was carrying a card depicting an African-American couple with the words “Baby Daddy” overlaid over them.

Kim Kardashian Wants Twitter Edits Too
The reality TV star reportedly spoke directly to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the issue at her husband Kanye West’s birthday party.

Behind BoA's Decision to End Business With Some Gunmakers
In April, Bank of America made the decision to end its business with makers of military-style weapons who sold those arms to civilians.

IHOP to Re-Brand as IHOb on June 11th
International House of Pancakes, perhaps better known by the initials IHOP, is ditching the pancakes—in its name, at least.

Advertisers are Boycotting 'Full Frontal' and Samantha Bee
Autotrader and State Farm have pulled their ads from TBS’s Full Frontal after host Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c***.”

How Amazon is Using Whole Foods For Retail Domination
The Seattle giant believes selling you groceries is the key to selling you everything else.

Instagram Finally Adds Mute Button
After countless user requests, Instagram has finally decided to roll out a mute button to hide posts from certain friends.

Does Siri Hate Your Mother?
When users query Siri for a definition, the service looks for it in the Oxford Dictionary. The second definition in that dictionary for 'mother' lists the expletive.

Newest M&M's Flavor Only Available at Dollar General
Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s will hit the shelves on April 30—and will be sold exclusively at Dollar General stores across the U.S.

Farewell, Ford Taurus, You Served Us Well.
The venerable, family, four-door Ford Taurus is joining a list of sedans that Ford plans to phase out.

Sony Sues Brewery Over 'Breaking Bud' IPA
Sony Pictures is taking on California’s Knee Deep Brewing Company over the name of one of its IPAs: Breaking Bud.

This Faked Photo of Emma Gonzalez Went Viral on Twitter
After Parkland shooting survivor and activist Emma González spoke during Saturday’s March for Our Lives, images began to circulate of the teenager ripping up the U.S. Constitution.

Whole Foods Outlines New Prime Loyalty Plan
Whole Foods met with suppliers in Austin in an attempt to quell concerns and uncertainty that have been brewing since the grocer was acquired by Amazon.

Walmart Grocery Delivery Availability Grows to 40% Of U.S. Households
The retailer said on Wednesday it was expanding the service to a total of 100 metropolitan areas by the end of the year, up from six currently.

Apple, Spike Jonze Score With HomePod Ad
Apple is never shy about hiring celebrities to hawk its products. The latest example is a new commercial aimed at selling the tech giant’s recently-released HomePod smart speakers.

KFC Announces its First Female Colonel Sanders
Despite some skepticism, relaunching the Colonel Sanders campaign in 2015 has brought KFC considerable success. A report of same-store sales growth is expected in early February.

Target Offers Bleak Holiday Season Profit Forecast
Target CEO Brian Cornell in a statement said that holiday season shoppers could expect an improved shopper experience thanks to “our investments in wages, training and additional hours.”

Uber and Lyft Have Banned a Conservative Activist
Conservative activist Laura Loomer was banned from the ride-sharing services on Wednesday after unleashing an anti-Muslim tweetstorm.

Twitter Will Now Label Political Ads and Sources
Twitter said on Tuesday it would add labels to election-related advertisements and say who is behind each of them.

Burger King Released a Powerful Anti-Bullying PSA
The fast food giant rolled out a public service announcement Tuesday in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month that uses a clever social experiment to demonstrate how people often refuse to speak out against bullies.

How Walmart Won Back Shoppers from Dollar General
The dollar store was one of the fastest growing retailers in the years after the Great Recession as low-income shoppers looked for lower prices.

How Alyssa Milano's 'Me Too' Protest Went Viral
A simple, two-word phrase flooded Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on Sunday night and Monday morning: “me too.”

Nordstrom Wants to Sell More Plus-Sized Items
On Monday, the department store chain called on top brands to add more items in sizes 14, 16 and 18.

Hilton Launches New Concept Catering to Millennials
Hilton Worldwide is going smaller, cheaper, and more local with what it's calling a “hostel on steroids."

3 Steps Uber is Taking To Change Its Culture
Change is critical—even if it means losing top performers—because the world has changed and what happens in the culture of a company affects business metrics.

Five Things You Can Do to Attract Millennial Talent
​Anne Donovan, PwC’s human-capital transformation leader, says she started noticing something different around eight years ago. New employees would stay only a year or two before quitting, no longer receptive to the old deal that the longer they stayed, the more marketable they would be.


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