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How to Fight the Fake News Culture
By: PR Daily
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Distrust toward the news media is at an all-time high.

Throughout the past four years, journalism and news media has been plagued by claims that it is inherently biased, inaccurate and steeped in propaganda. This is true for some outlets (for which the damage is done), but certainly for not all. Now, as people of a divided nation align with either Fox News or CNN, fact is considered fiction until “proven” true.


The mission of the incoming administration is to unify a divided country, although most are skeptical about what this really means. A large part of this restoration lies in the hands of  media outlets which have great power to either fuel or bury fake news. To that end, media itself needs to rehabilitate its image and proactively increase the amount of trust it inspires. Within the PR and marcomms industry, now is the time to encourage consumers and brands to question bias rather than fact.

In a post-Trump media world, here are five recommendations brands should consider:

1. Promote a message of unity. Embrace a message of togetherness aligned to your brand’s mission. Without compromising the missions of hard-fought social justice movements, the need for unity is clear in the name of safety and healing.

2. Take action that matters. Brandsthat have established a stake in areas like sustainability or diversity and inclusion could see bigger opportunities to further their positioning in new and progressive ways. People are more personally involved in current events than in recent history, so the more your brands reflects what your consumers care about in the context of the business, the more brand loyalty will be earned.

3. Target your comms. The U.S. is facing one of the deepest political divides in its history. Therefore, the need for targeted communications has never been more important. President Trump received more votes in 2020 than he did four years ago. Marketers will now need to be more mindful of how they appeal to a polarized customer base. Consider whether your brand should try to appeal to everyone, or play to the favor of some.



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This was originally posted on Ragan's PR Daily. A link to the original post follows the piece. http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Home.aspx
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