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4 Ways to Boost Your PR Campaign With Influencers
By: PR Daily
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When used thoughtfully, influencer marketing campaigns can help PR efforts flourish.

Cision’s recent Social & Influencer Guide for PR outlines social media takeaways for communicators to research current industry trends and competition, along with ways to sharpen their pitches.

Along with research and pitching, PR pros can also take advantage of influencer marketing to boost their communications efforts.

Follow these five steps to effectively use the power of influencers in your upcoming campaigns:

1. Research your audience.

If you don’t know who you’re targeting, you cannot select the social media users who influence them.

Many organizations have customer personas, which can serve as a starting point. Review the personas to ensure that they encompass the audiences that will help you achieve your goals and refresh your understanding of your audience.

What your audience looks for, who provides that information and how they enjoy receiving that information can change over time—or even throughout a sales cycle.

2. Study the influencers who your target audience love.

Just as you must understand your audience, also understand the influencers with whom you want to partner.

In its report, Cision wrote:

It’s a better bet for brands and the PR and comms pros behind them to find the right influencer with a highly engaged following than betting on just anyone with big numbers.

B2B influencers look much different than B2C influencers, creating different types of content and using separate social media platforms. What most communicators think of as an influencer can also exclude powerful brand advocates: “Micro-influencers” (those with followings around 10,000 people) and “nano-influencers” (those with smaller follower numbers, but often highly engaged communities) might be a better fit for a particular campaign or your budget.

3. Craft the right content and measure for your goals.

Examine the type of content that the influencers you’re considering publish and compare it with what you know about your audiences’ preferences and behaviors. This can help when deciding which influencers to employ, but also can give you valuable insights into how to hone your own branded content, so you can attract the most eyeballs.

Set the right metrics to evaluate if your influencer strategy is working, too.

This should combine elements such as reach and share of voice. There is no one right set of metrics for all PR pros. Instead, match them with your overall campaign and PR goals, so you can truly examine if an influencer is making a difference.



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