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You Can Now Buy (Some) Brands in Instagram's App
By: Fast Company
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Facebook’s Instagram photo-sharing app has become a hotspot for brands, and a hotspot for consumers who want a sort of digital window shopping experience. Today, Instagram sweetened the deal by adding a checkout feature to the app so users can buy stuff they see in their feed without ever having to leave Instagram.

And Instagram will be able to capture and store credit card information so shoppers won’t have to reenter it every time they want to buy something from a brand they like.

Instagram says its users have been sending strong signals that they want to be able to shop inside the app. The company says 80% of its users actively follow a brand or brands on Instagram. And 130 million users are interacting with shopping posts on Instagram every month, Instagram product management lead Ashley Yuki told me. “We started building this last year, but before we even did anything people were trying to shop for products on Instagram,” she said.

The on-Instagram checkout feature is currently a closed beta, so only a small group of 20 brands will get it at first. They include Adidas, Burberry, H&M, Micheal Kors, Nike, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Revolve, Warby Parker, Zara, and others. After the beta, Instagram will expand the service to more brands (and more
types of brands).




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