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AI-Generated Valentine's Hearts
By: Fast Company
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Artificial intelligence genius Janelle Shane has been teaching her neural network to celebrate Valentine’s Day by drafting “romantic” messages on conversation hearts–those chalky candies that middle-school students swap. The messages created by the neural network range from almost sweet (“My Bear” and “Love Bun”) to the endearingly odd (“You Are Babe”) to the strange, yet effective (“All Hover,” “I Honker,” and “Oog Love”).

While these messages may not appear on Necco’s hearts anytime soon, as Shane pointed out, they are at least earnest. Unfortunately, they’re not for sale, but if they were, AI-generated conversation hearts would be the perfect gift to give that special someone you met with neural network-generated pickup lines over a candle-lit dinner of neural network-generated recipes.

So this Valentine’s Day, tell your Bog Love that you’re Team Bear Stank Love forever with conversation messages generated by a very romantic neural network.




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