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Twitter is Trolling Peloton Ads and It's Hilarious
By: Fast Company
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Peloton is an exercise startup that just wants us all to live our best lives. Cool.

What the company thinks those best lives look like, however, is apparently straight out of a Manhattan-set romantic comedy sponsored by Goop.

This fact did not escape a Twitterer who goes by the handle @ClueHeywood, and who dedicated a long thread to mocking the company’s luxury-drenched advertising campaign.

Love putting my Peloton bike in the most striking area of my ultra-modern $3 million house

For the uninitiated, Peloton’s primary product is a high-tech exercise bike from which users can stream spin classes from the company’s fitness studio in real time. For anyone with at least $2,245 burning a hole in their presumed Rick Owens-designed pockets, it is the only way to get in shape in time for weekend Hamptons party season. As the above mentioned Twitter thread demonstrates, it’s not every day you see a marketing campaign devoted to a class of consumer who can easily afford such items–or at least it’s not every day you see one that doesn’t involve a Lexus with a red bow wrapped around it.

As the thread goes on, @ClueHeywood begins to speculate on more specific details about the lifestyle of a typical Peloton-owner–a fantastically wealthy individual who also happens to be into home fitness.

Probably the worst thing about putting a Peloton bike in my spotless huge kitchen is when my dumb kid interrupts the workout. Where is Consuela? She has one job!


I took my Peloton bike to Europe and used it on the balcony of our $2,000/night Airbnb and honestly I felt like I was flying over London, you should try it!

A good place for your Peloton bike is between your kitchen and your living room facing the cactus garden so you always remember virtual spin class.

It all culminates in a final entry that includes a blueprint and some drama around making that all-important architectural decision: where to put the Peleton.



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