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Meet the Studio Branding Your Favorite DTC Startups
By: Fast Company
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The Casper mattress. The Allbirds sneaker. Brandless mouthwash or pasta sauce. Birchbox, Prose, Snowe, and Keeps.

Here’s the twist. Each of these brands, from Casper to Birchbox, was designed by the same company–the New York-based studio Red Antler. And what’s more, Red Antler isn’t just a design firm. It often takes a stake in the companies it works with, which speaks to its keen eye, not just for marketing but for new business models. To find out more about how it tailors new businesses to the platform, I went right to the source: Simon Endres, the studio’s cofounder and CCO.


You only need one product

Red Antler partners with companies in their earliest days of forming their business, and frequently takes equity in those businesses. The companies it partners with tend to have extremely pared-down product lines–even just one product–that promises to be executed very well. Selling a single product makes a lot of sense on a platform known for a feed of single photo posts.

“You don’t need to tell a very complex story,” says Endres. “Whether it’s a post or Instagram story . . . one image and caption can give you a good sense of what a product offering is.”


People are sick of choosing–so take away the choice

The American Psychological Association found that millennials–aka people between 18 and 35–are more stressed than any other generation, with more than half of subjects reporting that they’ve lain awake at night in the last month with anxiety. In this environment, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to offer the calmness and clarity that our lives lack–much the same way Marie Kondo has. It’s something that Red Antler and Casper realized early on in the process of creating the messaging and digital strategy for the fledging mattress company.




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