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Snap Launches Context Cards; Partnering with OpenTable
By: Fast Company
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Eighty percent. It’s a high metric for just about any type of user behavior. It’s also the percentage of Snap’s 166 million daily users who have taken snaps at restaurants, the company reveals to Co.Design in a commissioned data set it is sharing for the first time. It’s proof that, yes, Snapchatters really do more than take selfies in their bedrooms.

Photographing their culinary adventures is just the sort of habit that’s encouraged Snap to launch its new Context Cards, which allow users to swipe up on some public snaps to get more information about the locations they were taken. That includes restaurant reviews, the option to make reservations, and even the ability to book a ride there with a tap. As we put it during the announcement, Context Cards make Snap look less like a zany doggie face filter company and more like the world’s most beloved information utility: Google.

It’s no coincidence that Snap has invested early in the restaurant angle of Context Cards, powered by partnerships with Michelin and OpenTable. According to another report, 90% of people who search for restaurants on phones and tablets will choose a restaurant based on the result. In other words, all that mobile data on where you might want to eat is probably useful, and actionable. If people are already snapping their experiences at restaurants, why not introduce a few tools for others to track down the haunt and try it for themselves?

But Snap’s strategy, the company will tell you, goes much deeper than restaurants alone. It recognizes that, just as they likely do with other social networks, people snap their adventures out in the world. Yes, 81% of Snapchatters have snapped in the privacy of their own home, but the same percentage–81%–have snapped at parties. Seventy percent have snapped concerts, 67% the mall, 59% the beach, 58% an amusement park, 50% the gym, 49% the airport, 41% a sports stadium, and 40% a museum.

So sure, Snap’s audience prefers partying over studying art history, but it’s an active group, snapping 3 billion photos and videos a day. They’re even doing things while they use Snap at home–73% have used it while watching TV and movies, while 64% have used it while cooking.



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