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3 Lessons From McDonald’s Failed ‘Rick and Morty’ Promotion
By: PR Daily
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Fans of the TV comedy “Rick and Morty” aren’t laughing over McDonald’s latest marketing stunt.

The popular cartoon on Adult Swim details the adventures of scientist Rick Sanchez (often along with his grandchildren), and its creators, Justin Roiland and Dam Harmon, love Szechuan Sauce.

The sauce, created by McDonald’s as a limited-time promotion for the 1998 premiere of Disney’s “Mulan,” has grown in popularity since the show’s main character admitted his quest to find more. In July, McDonald’s even sent Roiland a jug of the sauce.

Then McDonald’s decided to up the ante by giving fans what they wanted: a taste.

The chain said that on Oct. 7, its locations would give out limited-edition packets of its Szechuan Sauce with the purchase of its buttermilk crispy tenders.


However, McDonald’s greatly underestimated the promotion’s response.

HuffPost reported:


Fans of the animated series “Rick and Morty” are livid at the fast food chain after it promised to bring back its 1998 Szechuan sauce for just one day but reportedly only gave 20 packets to each location. Some fans reported that some locations listed online didn’t have any packets at all, or sold out before the advertised selling time.

People lined up for hours on Saturday waiting for the famed sauce and were extremely disappointed to find out they had no chance at getting any.


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