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Consumers: Companies Do Not Communicate Well
By: Bulldog Reporter
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While most businesses focus their efforts on delivering a great product, too few businesses appear to recognize the significant impact the communications experience has on their brand and revenue. According to a new study from platform-as-a-service firm Twilio, 81 percent of consumers complain that it is difficult to communicate with businesses, but only 34 percent of businesses acknowledge room for improvement.

The study finds that after a positive communications experience, 7 out of 10 consumers recommended the business to their friends or purchased more products or services—but one-third cancelled their service or switched to a competitor following a negative experience. Companies can provide a better experience by tailoring their communications to deliver the right message, using the right channel, at the right time.

“With all the new communications channels available today, we are seeing consumer expectations shift, but the experiences businesses deliver are not keeping pace,” said Devang Sachdev, director of product marketing at Twilio, in a news release. “To narrow the gap, businesses need to personalize their interactions with customers, improve their responsiveness, and communicate via the right channels.”



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