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Avoid Email Mistakes With This Checklist
By: PR Daily
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Raise your hand if you enjoy proofreading.


Proofreading isn’t much fun; however, doing it carefully is critical to accurate and effective email marketing copy. Below are 14 useful tips to help you find those typos before you hit “send”:

1. Shift into reverse

“Catching errors can be challenging if you’ve read the document a few times already,” writes The Expert Editor. “That’s because your mind knows what’s coming next (or at least, what your brain thinks comes next). A trick to find a fresh perspective and see sentences anew is to reverse the order: read the last sentence, then the second-to-last sentence, then the third-to-last sentence, and so on.”

2. Take a break

“Especially if you’re proofreading your own work, give yourself a day (if possible) between when you finish writing and when you begin to proofread,” suggests the GrammarPhile blog. “That time will not only give your eyes a chance to rest but will give you some distance from—and, ideally, a more objective perspective on—your work.”

3. Check contractions and apostrophes

“People often mix ‘their’ and ‘they’re,’ ‘its’ and ‘it’s,’ ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ and so on,” according to Daily Writing Tips. “If there something that can hurt the credibility of your text, it is a similar mistake. Also, remember that the apostrophe is never used to form plurals.”

4. Hunt for your common mistakes

“Use the search function of the computer to find mistakes you’re likely to make,” suggests The Writing Center of the University of Wisconsin. “Search for ‘it,’ for instance, if you confuse ‘its’ and ‘it’s;’ for ‘-ing’ if dangling modifiers are a problem; for opening parentheses or quote marks if you tend to leave out the closing ones.” 


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