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5 PR Lessons from Leslie Knope
By: PR Daily
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Knope, played by Amy Poehler, was the lovable and eccentric director of the Pawnee, Indiana parks department. She led her team of misfits through the highs and lows of the small-town bureaucratic system, encouraged others to leave Pawnee better than they found it and inspired others to become the best versions of themselves.

If you wish you could make that kind of difference in your PR agency, there’s good news: You can.

Here are five ways to become the Leslie Knope of your office—and your PR career:

1. Encourage others.

 Knope knew that a good leader is nothing without a great team.

No matter your position in your organization, showing appreciation to those who surround you creates a support system that can handle any overwhelming deadline or project.

Whether it’s reminding someone that they are a “poetic and noble land-mermaid,” baking cookies for your co-workers or lending a helping hand on a project, making yourself available to others fosters an environment of respect that carries through the toughest days.

2. Admit your mistakes.



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