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How to Create Engaging, Actionable Content for Your PR Campaign
By: Bulldog Reporter
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Using public relations campaigns to boost your online visibility is one of the hottest trends, particularly for local businesses. However, exploiting the full potential of PR for small- and- medium-size businesses is still somewhat of a rarity. One of the most common reasons behind this shortfall is the failure to produce actionable content for successful campaigns.

As most businesses continue to rely on age-old content creation techniques, their customers are getting bombarded with tons of information that just doesn’t click. To make matters worse, the attention span of the average Internet user is on the decline. In the face of these trends, how do you plan to promote yourself? The answer is “actionable content.” Without further ado, let’s see what actionable content is, how to create it, and how it can take your PR tactics to the next level.


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