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Nine Baby Steps Toward Creating a Family-Friendly Firm
By: Bulldog Reporter
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In 2003 I had my first child—and I also had the all-too-common experience of learning that my workplace didn’t have a maternity policy. My boss “generously” offered me 12 weeks of unpaid leave; I could afford to take three. Upon my too quick return to work, I tried pumping in a bathroom stall, which was inconvenient and embarrassing. The advertising agency I worked at felt more like an episode of “Mad Men” than a 21st century workplace.

Now, 15 years later, I’ve had more kids, more jobs and more horror stories of organizations that simply don’t know how to handle working mothers—including a breastfeeding company that had a policy against bringing kids to the office. True story. Too many firms use “family-friendly” as a buzzword, instead of a serious approach to their company culture.


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