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The C-Suite’s Next Mandate: Social Media Literacy
By: Meltwater
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As a veteran speaker, I am used to speaking on marketing and its various facets, but lately a new topic has been in hot demand…and it’s coming straight from the top: Social Media for the C-Suite, because one thing is becoming very clear, both customers and shareholders are holding executives to a higher standard – a digital one.

In 2015, a Harvard Business Review article reported that 80% of the CEOs of the world’s biggest 50 companies were engaged online and on social media. This is a considerable leap from 2010, when only 36% of CEOs were “social.” In today’s brave new world, however, a strong leader must learn not just how to follow the currents of the social landscape but how to differentiate and thrive. In addition to mastering the basics of management and getting “on board” with social, executives now have to ask themselves if they have the skills required to be social media literate.


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