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Is PR Late to the VR Revolution?
By: Bulldog Reporter
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A general rule when it comes to human nature is that people tend to be pretty reactive. It’s difficult convincing yourself to change when you don’t see any reason to. On the flip side of things, it’s easy to look back with the benefit of hindsight and say “Of course I should’ve invested in Google when it was trading at $40 a share.” Being proactive simply isn’t in our nature. It takes a certain amount of fear or positive reinforcement to influence us.

While innovations in virtual reality have been at the periphery of media attention in the last few years, 2017 feels like the year where VR has hit the mainstream. It’s been touted as a major force for selling everything from whiskey to vacation packages. Clearly there’s an advantage to bringing consumers into a world that’s tastefully crafted to push the right buttons and get them to do what you want.


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